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    Wasp catching jam jars

    Remebering the way my grandmother used to catch wasps, the old jam jar left dirty with some water added to about half way. Then a small hole punched in the lid. The wasps went in but couldn't get out and drown in the water. Does anyone know if honey bees will do the same thing? If I place...
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    Queen Pheramones

    :hat: Can anyone enlighten me as to how long it takes from the Queen being absent in the hive before her pheramones fade and the workers start to create Queen cells?
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    Queen Excluder Orientation?

    As a complete new bee, I was looking at the Queen Excluder with its long slots in relation to the brood chamber beneath. My question is, does the way the QE is placed in relation to the frames below matter i.e. right angles to the frames below or in line and parallel with them? Any help much...