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    two 14 x 12 polyhive colonies for sale Filey Yorks

    Due to shoulder problems, I am looking to sell 2 14x12 colonies in brand new Paynes 14x12 polyboxes with normal national OMF floor, and Paynes polyroof Queens are 2014, marked and clipped Both colonies are building up well and are ready for supering Looking £200 each - PM me if interested
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    writing lot numbers on honey labels

    Is it legit to buy labels in bulk and write the lot number on each label by hand? I am thinking along the lines of printing Lot No. 13/ then writing 1,2,3 etc after the / Thanks in advance for any responses
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    insuring association apiary

    has anyone got experience of insuring an association apiary. It will consist of 4-5 full colonies plus a similar number of breeding nucs & some suits and tools stored on-site. We will be hosting taster & training sessions. Any suggestions of insurance companies / policies? Thanks in advance