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    Thymol in syrup

    At the risk of showing what a novice I am I have the following question to ask. Should I be adding thymol to the feed at this time of the year? I have been advised that a teaspoon of the made up solution to the gallon is the correct amount but I am worried in case the honey gets tainted. I have...
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    convert from TBhive to National

    This is my first year and I started with a home made TBH I purchased a Nuc in June and have a strong colony with loads of stores as I took nothing from them. I have now two Nationals (empty) and feel that this is the method that will suit me so my question is - How is the best way to convert...
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    Start up grants

    I have heard that there are grants all be it small ones, that are available from the Welsh Assembly. Has any one further information on this?bee-smillie