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    HIV Cured

    Reported on the news this morning - various British Churches across the UK have been telling HIV sufferers who are part of their congregation that they can be cured by them. By prayer. So stop taking their medication because they have done it with many people. Of the several who died despite the...
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    At The Hive Entrance

    Hi Trying to get hold of a copy of At The Hive Entrance. Online resources just either do not work or the only alternative is a torrent. Trouble with that is, I cannot download it as I only have a dongle for access. And besides the dongle service provider will not authorise torrent. Has anyone...
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    Ban Smoking in Cars

    Just a poll to see where people stand. Today the Medical Profession sets in motion a movement to get smoking banned in cars either stationary or moving. The agenda is to protect children passengers (totally agree here) and also vulnerable adults from the effects of passive smoking. I am sure the...
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    BBC Now Panorama - Energy Bills

    The truth behind your energy bills apparently - BBC1
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    Dimmock on Alan T show ITV 1 in a few mins talking Bees

    As the title says.....
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    Animal Human Embryonic Hybrids in UK Labs

    And people defend chemical companies and say they are beyond reproach LMFAO Hahahahahahaha oh dear oh dear oh dear. "They have to be destroyed within 14 days. . . . " - yeah like everyone sticks to the rules. Give me a break. Full story below. . ...
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    The Back Passage Joke Room

    As other threads but thought we could add our jokes here for a bit of light relief pfna pfna. No comments just joke after joke. Anyways I got emailed this one this morning amongst others.* While I was driving *along the M1 the other day, (going a little *faster than I should have been) I passed...
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    Facebook Alert

    Hi, A few months ago and very publicly the head of a website called Wikileaks was arrested and is under house arrest. The details can be found in most major news websites. As you may be aware the US government (as it was mainly them that were exposed in certain recent links) have launched a...
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    Hughs Fish Fight

    Hi folks for all those that missed Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's latest programme/campaign here are some quick details. Basically for the last 10 years or so our fisherman are given quoter's. If they happen to catch more than their quoter they have to throw it back by European Law. This seems...
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    Larger than average hornets.

    Hi all This is my first post although been lurking for a while. I have no bees as yet but hopefully getting a small holding in the next few months and will set aside at least a couple of acres for the bees when we do. Renting a small annex on a small holding for now and have a fusia plant which...