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    New beekeeper - what to read

    Well I recieved my order this morning :-) so thank you all for the suggestions over the last week or so. I will spend the next couple of months reading these and trying to understand as much as i can. by the way i decided on: "Bees at the Bottom of the Garden" Alan Campion; Guide to Bees &...
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    New beekeeper - what to read

    cheers for the information, it looks like i will be going through the web shortly looking for the best deals. :)
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    New beekeeper - what to read

    Cheers for the details, i have already picked up quite alot of information from this website . So thanks everyone :-)
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    New beekeeper - what to read

    Evening everyone, I have recently picked up my first swarm, so now have bee's at the bottom of my garden :-). What I would like some advice on is what are the best books etc to read to pick up information. I recently completed a course given by my local group but I’ve always found it best to...
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    cleaning used equipment

    Hi, Mean't to ask before but i forgot. I have jsut bought a lot of second hand equipment and i was wondering what the best way to clean them was? I have used a blowtorch, but i was wondering if a should soak them etc in some solution to ensure that i kill off everything. Cheers, Richard
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    i picked up the swarm approx ten days and so i have put some food in now before the weather changes for the worst. Have taken a quick look in the hive and the bees have already drawn out a significant amount of comb which is great news. cheers for all of the advice
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    Hi, i have justed picked up a swarm from my local area and i have placed them into a new hive. I was wondering if i have to feed them and what type? As they seem fine but i just don't want to lose them. Cheers, Richard
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    Colonies + Hives For Sale

    are any of the hives still up for sale?