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    Agghhh - ignorance, ignorance: fondant question

    Been keeping bees for 50 years and because I'm not going to be around for the next month, I got a couple of 2.5kg fondant packs to put on. But I've never done fondant before and I suddenly realised when I went off just now to put it on that I didn't know what I was doing !! I've seen that I...
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    Another fondant question !

    I've never used fondant before but it's been really too warm a winter for good over-wintering of bees and now I'm going to be away all March. So - I've read a couple of threads on fondant here, but would appreciate a comment or two on how much I need to apply. I'm in central Scotland with...
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    Another moving bees question

    My apologies for yet another query on this topic - searching back threads gives all too many hits to find what I'm after. I do have to move the two hives now - garden area change from vegetables to decorative(!). The move is ~20 metres and I have a concrete path to do it on and a pair of...
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    Forward planning - queen replacement

    I have two hives, one works well but has a queen that should be passed her sell by date next spring, and the other has a younger queen but she's lazy, or she produces lazy bees, as the brood area is never well filled and I get about half the yield of the good hive. How do I address this ? Both...
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    Should I be putting on some sort of feed ?

    I split my one hive in the May with the nucleus having a queen cell. She hatched OK but because of the lousy weather did not start laying till the beginning of this month. Even now she is not laying all that strongly and in my judgement the hive will not be strong enough to go into the winter...
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    Price for honey

    How much do you guys charge 'acquaintances' for honey ? I see flower selling locally in up-market outlets for £4.75 - I've got about 20 lbs I would be selling so that's not going to disturb the local commercial market, but at the same time it's clearly not fair on the commercial beeks to...
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    Feeding a nucleus

    I have to admit that having kept bees for many years I've never had to deal with a 5 comb nucleus that didn't have access to good food supplies. I got a starter nucleus (lost my 2 hives in the winter) the other day and the bees have been taking down summer syrup at a fair rate of knots. Do I...
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    Can I replace cedar with larch ?

    I've a stock of old hive parts and have found that one of the roofs has fallen apart. The metal cover is still fine as is the timber under it, but the 'side' wood has given up. I could go and chase up some WRC but know that I can get larch locally which will be cheaper to buy and immediately...