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    Wasps in eves

    any good hardware store will sell wasp killer power, or buy on ebay loads here
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    Parts for extractor

    can't you go make to who made it ?
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    plastic foundation

    Think there is enough plastics in the world already without adding more
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    Wasp traps

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    Wasp traps

    Yes they were already getting into the hive even after i had reduced the entrance size, the question was one of were to put the wasp traps close or away from the hive
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    Wasp traps

    I have home made wasp traps (old jars with water and jam ) which i put on roof of my hives. They are working and full of wasps but my son pointed out they maybe attracting wasps to the hives, should i place them somewhere else rather than on top of the hives ? Views ??
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    How long do you leave an empty super on?

    is there no such thing as too much room
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    14x12 to standard brood box

    want all three hives the same
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    14x12 to standard brood box

    think that would be a bit messy for me, l'll go with slower approach
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    14x12 to standard brood box

    Thanks yes spring job just thinking ahead Rodney
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    14x12 to standard brood box

    Hi I have one 14 x 12 brood box hive which i wish to move to a standard brood box (same as my other two hives), what is the best way to achieve this ? Put new standard brood above 14x12 and let them fill build new net or below ? thanks in advance Rodney