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  1. J

    Apiguard on poly hives

    I have no problem using Apigard with poly hives. I do use a small eke (about 1 inch) to allow space above trays which i put straight on to frames. I have also on occassion fed at the same time without problem and with good mite control.
  2. J

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Checked three hives for laying queens and yippee all 3 finally have laying queens - taken since 10th June from QC's to eggs. Now just an anxious wait to check cappings - hohum!
  3. J

    Why does my uniting never work?

    I would worry that this method could result in the experience I had uniting where the bees didnt get through the paper quick enough and lots of bees in the top box suffocated as the temperature rose high enough to melt wax in super frames (it was not a particularly warm day so the heat was...
  4. J

    Getting closer!

    Thanks I'll try the QE tip if I get another chance. I was just worried about preventing a virgin queen going on a mating flight but I suppose delaying her a day or two is better than losing them altogether.
  5. J

    Getting closer!

    Having got a swarm last week that absconded before I collected the skep in the evening, yesterday I collected another swarm that was extremely cold and hungry. They were too cold and exhausted to even walk into skep or hive so I had to literally sccop them in. Anyway I dribbled some sugar...
  6. J


    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you won't go far wrong with HP as an adviser, many of us here have benefited from his advice. Good Luck with your bees.
  7. J

    The one that didn't get away.

    Great result - Well done!
  8. J

    The one that got away

    I know how you feel. I got even closer to a collection today. Called out this morning to a swarm that had been on a fence for about a week and smoked them up into my skep, even saw the queen as she went in. Left skep about fifth full on sheet propped up so foragers could get in and planned to...
  9. J

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    It doesn't rain but it pours! Very frustrating morning - delayed checking two hives yesterday as it started raining hard half way through my inspections. So left hive that had emerged virgin in it as I wasnt expecting her to be laying yet. Arrived today to finish inspection to find swarm...
  10. J

    What are these large black bees

    Oooo! I like that game especially when trying to do an AS on a hive with a capped QC (only 9 days since last insp but rained had delayed play). Its that special frissance of whether she is actually in the hive! Fortunately having clipped her a few weeks before she was still there and still...
  11. J

    help please, queen introduction

    Danielle, I am concerned that you have said you are down to less than 100 bees. I would doubt that this will be sustainable. Is your other hive also so low in bees and is it also queenless?
  12. J

    Bees attack thai monks

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post and let us know what actually happened. I hope all those stung make a speedy recovery and I'm glad to know the bees are also ok.
  13. J


    I think she should be able to do this - her profile says she's based in the USA! The pollen experiment linking to local flora or hefting and correlating to weather&flora in flower would be interesting science fair projects.
  14. J


    I find that I need to look through it towards a bright light to get clear reading - if the light source is too dull it appaers more blurred on mine.
  15. J

    Question for local assoc members only please

    I think its no for Sheffield Bka and Chester and District BKa - At least that is I have not seen list for either.
  16. J

    NBU Starvation Warning

    It was sent out by NBU yesterday.
  17. J

    Awful disaster

    Hi Fox - One of the hives (larger) was queenless so combined with smaller hive with a queen I really liked!
  18. J

    Awful disaster

    I was so pleased yestersday having happily combined two hives but devastated today!:eek: I went to look at hive and was alarmed by the number of bees clustering on front of hive esp as none of my other hives had more than a few flyers. So donned beesuit and went to investigate. Bees very...
  19. J

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Combined two hives using newspaper method - but lots of bees on outside of hive, so hope they have enough room overnight if the havent gone thru newspaper (i did put slits in it.) Also in another hive clipped my first queen - didnt want to risk losing a swarm. Will now clip my other unclipped...
  20. J

    Will this work? Is it the best course of action?

    I had a productive established double brood hive (national) that is queen less - swarmed after I had removed single sealed qc (missed in inspection 5 days before as it had been drawn on workers cell on a frame amongst drone brood - is there a way to spot these prior to them being significanly...