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    Good News Bad News after my first winter

    Bad news first. Thanks to COVID my beginner course with my local BKA, delayed from last year, is now pushed back to next year, so I will have to continue using common sense, lots of reading and advice. Good news, I cracked the top of our overwintered hive Monday as it was fairly warm (12C). I...
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    Any New Zealand Beeks here?

    Me and my better half are considering moving a short distance from Gloucestershire to New Zealand in the next year, COVID and visas permitting. Any NZ beeks on here who I could tap for info on the hobby down there? Only just finished my first season here so I'm not set in my ways (and don't...
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    When should you make up a nuc to overwinter?

    We currently just have one hive, only just into a full sized box, but looking to next season we'd like to have at least two hives next year. So when in the year would we need to make up a nuc with a view to overwintering it (it's a poly nuc)? How late can it be and still have a good chance to...
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    And so it begins

    So my nuc bait hive caught a small swarm two weeks ago. After 3 days I closed it up at night and moved it to it's permanent location (more than tree miles away), and opened it up in the morning. All good Four days later I took a peek and they were drawing some beautiful combs on the starter...
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    Where do mating flights occur?

    Just popped up a nuc as a bait hive on the garage roof a couple of days ago, and very happy to see a few bees checking it out. Makes me feel a bit better about my hands on training with the local BKA being cancelled for the year. But yesterday I noticed flying..rather erratically, across the...
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    Worth having a "First year of Beekeeping thread"?

    As I'm beginning my first year as a beekeeper would it be useful to the forum to have a short section not as a discussion but as a newcomer stating whet they are getting up to every week so those browsing looking to join can get a real story. There is a HUGE amount of experience on here with...
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    Tools for a Newbee

    Well, my evening classes are coming to an end and so I get my hands on a hive at the local training apiary next month. So I need to kit myself out. Minimum I've been told to get is: Hive Tool - I have a J Tool on order Bee Brush Smoker Bee Suit - Deciding between a Sherriff or an OzArmor I'm...
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    First Hive choice advice

    Hi all, been on here for ages, but only begun the process of getting my first, bees, sitting in on the local BKA classes with a view to a hands on course starting april where you look after a nuc they provide and then move to your own hive at the end of the season. Actually sharing the cost...
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    Short bit on BBC Radio 4 - Farming Today this morning

    Only about 4 minutes, but if you want to hear it http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04y9y6p Or search for today's Farming Today on catch up. Basically about the risk to native bees from imports carrying disease.
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    Bee Vac on the BBC!

    A cut out from a house in LA on the BBC News website... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/science_and_environment/10256051.stm
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    Getting propolis off jeans?

    Quick question. Is there any easy way of getting propolis off clothes? I've got a large patch on a pair opf jeans and I'd like to get them approximating clean. Thanks, Pete