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    Malicious complaint against Dutch researcher found to be spurious

    The Dutch scientist subjected to the character assassination in the Dutch TV documentary advertised by Graham in his thread yesterday was the subject of an official complaint by Henk Tennekes, the environmentalist/toxicologist who spread the word on the neonicotinoid pollution of Dutch...
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    Live online May Berenbaum

    Here (now!): http://www.treehugger.com/files/2011/03/bee-expert-professor-berenbaum.php A bit wobbly, via a Skype connection, but quite interesting so far ....
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    Does anyone know what happened to Agri-Nova? I was on the point of giving them a chunk of local association cash for a honey extractor, but their website has gone phut: http://www.agri-nova.biz/ Gavin
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    EFB in Scotland

    There is a large outbreak of hard-to-diagnose EFB unravelling in Tayside. More details here: http://www.scottishbeekeepers.org.uk/services/documents/EFB%20Outbreak%2015%20July.pdf G.
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    Sysonby cam

    Hi All I forget who set this up, but well done! http://www.sysonby.com/beecam/ The bees leaving on a trip (as opposed to the ones loitering at the entrance) almost all pause briefly at the entrance and wipe their *eyes* (sometimes also antennae) with their front legs just before they set...