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  1. J

    another one

    one by philbromley, on Flickr
  2. J

    Stacked macro shot

    Fifty images laid on top of each other and processed with helicon Focus
  3. J

    Couple of pics

    Bees flying like mad stuff here - 11C but dry for the whole day - first day in a month that it has been dry - guess they are making up for the weather regards JD
  4. J

    United hive woes

    Question time again folks I united a strong queenless hive with a weak queen right hive (queen wasnt laying huge amounts but as this was a weak swarm capture it was too be expected). I placed the queen right hive on the bottom of the combined hives (there was and is only 5 frames that are being...
  5. J


    Hi - question time again I have a hive on OMF which in turn sits on a stand about 18 inches of the ground. The hive is new this June and has been quite happy up until last night when I notice a big cluster of bees under the OMF, now rightly or wrongly I smoked them back up into the hive and...
  6. J

    New nuc with varroa

    Hi folks Question time I may, I got a nuc of bees recently (now in a national brood box) and having done the first inspection today I noticed that there is some deformed wing which I am assuming is varroa (there is also a small amount of chalk brood on one of the frames). Is it too early to...
  7. J

    Another macro pic

  8. J

    Anybody keep pigs?

    As the title says - I moved here last year from Shrewsbury and my neighbour convinced me we should get a couple of pigs - which we now have. GOS crossed with Middle Whites. Funny things but I am hoping the taste will be worth the effort :-) Regards JD
  9. J

    Be gentle my first picture

    as the title says ...... [/URL][/IMG]