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    Selling my bees

    We are moving 300 miles and will be selling our seven colonies. The first two I have for sale are housed in 14 x12 hives mixture if cedar and treated soft wood). The hives are full of honey and brood. They are doing so well that I have put a super on, to give more space. Wax is drawn on the...
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    North Yorkshire forage

    Does anyone know what the forage is like on the North Yorkshire moors? We are thinking of moving near Keld. There is no heather in the three mile radius of the house we are moving too and the fields are put down to sheep farming.
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    Merging a drone laying queen

    Hi I have a issue and I am not sure what to do for the best. I have a colony with a drone laying queen that I need to merge with a weaker colony, unfortunately I cannot find the drone laying queen. If I use the news paper method and merge will the two queens fight, or will the drone layer go...
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    No smoke s the way forward!

    After several years of bee keeping I have decided that smoke causes more hassle than is gained. Advantages are that it calms the bees down, disadvantages are that the smoke fires them up an puts them back a week or so. Maybe I m lucky that my bees are very good, but smoke definitely makes them...
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    Two swarms in one day. No!

    I had two swarms today within an hour of each other. By the time the second had left the original colony the first was in where it had started n the original colony. The second swarm went back within an hour of swarming They originally swarmed six days ago, so was this the virgin queen mating?
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    Colony for sale 14 x12

    Colony of bees for sale on 14 x12 frames (larger than nationals) couple of frames of brood (half filled on each) and frame of food 2012 Queen. Ready to place into your hive. Will come in a plywood box. Message me if interested. Offers over 125.00 Thanks CC
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    OSR help!

    I have just noticed that the field directly opposite is just starting to bloom with OSR, how long have I got before it clags up the supers? I am sure this may have been covered before so apologises in advance. Any advice on OSR vs honey welcome
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    Colony for sale good temperament

    We are downsizing our colonies as work commitments have meant we have not got time to tend to all the colonies that we had. We have sold two colonies and have one nuc left for sale. If you are interested please Message me. The price for the nuc is 125.00. The bees have a good temperament...
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    Colony x 2 for sale good temperament

    I live in Northamptonshire and have two healthy laying good temperament colonies of bees for sale for £125.00 each with standard brood frames for the whole of your brood box not the amount you would get in a nuc. I need to downsize my colonies due to work pressures. I am selling with all the...
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    Best bees for next year?

    Next year we would like to nice to less Swarmy good temperament bees. What is your view for the best queens to replace?
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    Feeding question

    Is there a cut off for feeding 2:1 syrup I appreciate the later it gets the harder it is for bees to convert. When should I stop and feed fondant?
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    Beehaus record keeping book

    Has anyone used the Beehaus record keeping book, if so what's your opinion of it? I would also be interested in how people keep and transfer records from the hands on bit of beekeeping as it is hard to turn the pages when your gloves are on.
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    Best way of storing supers over winter?

    How do you store your supers over winter to keep wax moth out? Somehow the little blighters managed to get into the bin liners they. We're stored in last year. Is there any fool proof method?
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    Paper method

    Hi Can someone let me know how long it takes to chew through overlapping newspaper when combining? I have never attempted this before, so did not want to disturb until they are combined. I have located some grass in the entrance yesterday morning, a few bees have managed to chew through. Thanks...
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    Cheapest place for Apiguard?

    Anyone know the cheapest place for purchasing Apiguard? I need to purchase nine treatments so it works out expensive at T*****es!
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    Diffuser information

    Just thought I would give a handy tip when making syrup. I have just purchased a diffuser that spreads the heat when cooking. They are quite cheap from e***y. What it means is that the sugar does not get stuck or burnt on the bottom. My maslin pan has never had it so good, and I can leave the...
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    Best way to get bees out of hair without getting stung

    As per the title. Any suggestions for future use?
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    Re merging swarm

    Hi One of our colonies swarmed today after an inspection. There was no queen cells but we did take out the drone brood and insert fresh drone foundation. I really would like to put the swarm back into the hive as I do not want to loose the bees and do not want anymore colonies. Could anyone...
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    EHO Visit

    Hi all I had the Environmental health visit this week. I got a five star rating which I am really proud off. It was a very easy going one hour session. He only wanted to see my equipment, how i cleaned the equipment, the method of how I extracted honey, the jars and where I purchased them. Glad...
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    To leave or not to leave

    We lost a swarm of bees six weeks a go. I have noticed today a lot if activity in a derilict caravan in an unused field the other side of our hedge. As they will now be quite established and I currently do not have any brood boxes available I have to make a decision. Buy another bb and rehouse...