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  1. J

    Getting closer!

    Having got a swarm last week that absconded before I collected the skep in the evening, yesterday I collected another swarm that was extremely cold and hungry. They were too cold and exhausted to even walk into skep or hive so I had to literally sccop them in. Anyway I dribbled some sugar...
  2. J

    Awful disaster

    I was so pleased yestersday having happily combined two hives but devastated today!:eek: I went to look at hive and was alarmed by the number of bees clustering on front of hive esp as none of my other hives had more than a few flyers. So donned beesuit and went to investigate. Bees very...
  3. J

    Will this work? Is it the best course of action?

    I had a productive established double brood hive (national) that is queen less - swarmed after I had removed single sealed qc (missed in inspection 5 days before as it had been drawn on workers cell on a frame amongst drone brood - is there a way to spot these prior to them being significanly...
  4. J

    and I was so hopeful...

    A week or so ago it looked like I was going to get a small harvest from my bees this year. I had a couple of supers that were beginning to be sealed so I left them on to be capped hopeful I could remove a few frames for extracting. But having just inspected it seems as though there are less...
  5. J

    Double brood now - overwintering?

    I'm just refreshing my plans for overwintering this year and want to just check my understanding of the posts from last year - esp finman's advice as my winters are often harsh. My understanding is that it is best to reduce space that bees need to heat to a minimum and ensure they have...
  6. J

    Do all the flying bees leave with a swarm?

    or do some remain? Just trying to decide if hive has swarmed - don't think it has but "supercedure" queen has emerged in last day or two and today although I found lots of eggs (new queen to young to have mated yet), I only saw one queen which looked more jittery than original queen and...
  7. J

    Excellent books from my Local Library

    Having asked a year or so ago about books on beekeeping I drew a blank at my Library (well not quite but a 1920's book which was virtually impenetrable by a newbie) so I gave up the idea of borrowing and bought a few books. Anyway having recently needed to frequent my library on a regular basis...
  8. J

    Panic - advice please!

    Just checked main hive (double brood national) and found two sealed queen cells. These are on two different frames in upper brood box. Both are centrally positioned and on their own. Must have missed them - thought they were drone cells when check ing 6 days ago. Queen is still present and...
  9. J

    Does anyone have any before and after photos?

    When looking through my nuc checking on store levels I think I spotted my virgin queen, but I was surprised how small she was and that she wasnt that different from the workers. Now I didnt spend a great deal of time looking at her or checking frames but I didnt see a "better" candidate for...
  10. J

    Drawn comb/drones - question

    I have had a drone laying queen that has laid up a few frames of comb with drones. It was normal worker comb but the bees have drawn out the cappings and it is now very "bobbly". I am going to replace the queen and supplement the nuc by swapping with emerging worker brood from another hive...
  11. J

    Demarree - advice please

    I have tried the "search" but couldnt find the details I was after. Is there a sticky or thread that has a detailed explanation of how to demarree a hive for swarm prevention? If so could someone provide a link if not could you advise on following: Is it necessary to have two supers above new...
  12. J

    Possible Swarm to collect?

    I've been contacted about a possible swarm - details at this stage a bit vague - may/may not be honey bee swarm. Its too far for me to investigate but if anyone is interested please pm for further info. Postcode is DE11 - Swadlincote Derbyshire.
  13. J

    Considering all my options - advice please.

    I think my hive wants to supercede queen, but I am not sure how to manage it whilst this is happening. Background: Hive was a nuc bought last year (2009 buckfast type unmarked queen) and successfully over wintered in single national BB (poly). 1/4 Second BB, drawn comb added in prep for...
  14. J

    Plumbago - leadwort - can bees get nectar or pollen from it?

    I have the possibility of siting an apiary near an old lead rake, which has a high density of plumbago (leadwort) that flowers in the spring. Is this any good for bees - will they use it and if they do how will it flavour any honey ? anyone any experience of this plant?
  15. J

    Problem removing eke - can you advise?

    I have a colony in a poly national that I reduced down to 1 BB plus a 2 inch eke whilst I was treating for varroa (apiguard). I have finished treatment and been winter feeding. I had planned to remove the eke so they wintered in BB, but I have had a lot of brood hatch and the eke is now...
  16. J

    Beekeeping in the Telegraph

    Sorry should read "Beekeeping in the Beehaus" in the Telegraph Appears to be first of new series of articles about the experience of keeping bees in a beehaus. I'll let you decide whether you think it is good or bad for beekeeping - I'm sure there'll be the ususal range of opinions...
  17. J

    Winter Homework!

    I am thinking of doing some of the BBKA exams, has anyone experience of the correspondence courses they offer? Its quite a way to my nearest association and I thought they would be a good way to fill the long winter period when I'll be deprived from watchin my bees.
  18. J

    Space for laying vs feeding, double BB?

    I have been reading the ongoing discussions about the need to feed for winter stores and leaving room for the queen to lay and had been erring on the side of holding off feeding. Having just recombined my queenless hive with my nuc my bees were very low on stores in the BBox but had some...
  19. J

    Varroa to treat or not?

    I've just done 4 days monitoring on two colonies which I have recombined today (one was queenless, no brood) the other queen right but smaller. I used oil boards to monitor so hope that any varroa havent just "walked" off but my drop was very low - 1 a day on each colony. I had planned to...
  20. J

    Early rising bees have better memories!

    Just seen this - I wish my memory just worked regardless of the time of day! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-10892913