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    Cutting wire mesh.

    I have some stainless steel mesh from a company which deals in mesh (that should let you know the type without advertising) and I was wondering if any of you experienced/skilled/knowledgeable people could tell me they way you find easiest to cut it. Thanks for any information.
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    Security Bee

    Did anyone else see the short section on BBC1 "The One Show" about security bees? They were training them in about 10 mins to recognise explosives and drugs the harnessing them in an electronic device to check luggage. The bees were able to be released unharmed later.
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    Seeing Stars

    While I fully agree with the comment from Jakethedog (lifted from another thread I feel I do need to comment as relative newcomer to the forum. At first I lurked on the forum reading posts and getting the "feel" of the place. My first impression was that I had stumbled on some sort of secret...
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    Urgent advice needed - queen cups

    Hi As the name suggests I am based in the general Lake District area. I kept bees in conjunction with a friend many (many many) years ago but had to give up due to not being able to give time when needed due to work commitments. Now retired I decided to give it another go. Last week I...