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    Drone brood in super.

    I have been keeping bee's for about 2 years and have never had any brood in a super before, the super is the one directly above my brood box that has a queen excluder on, the only other thing that i have done in the last week was put another super on because they were starting to fill this super...
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    Queen problem

    My old hive is now queenless have search high and low for her. This has been going on for quite a few weeks, tried to introduce a frame from another hive with eggs and larva, about 5 queencells where made but still no queen. Today notice just drone brood on a few frames in singles every now...
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    Just had a look through my original hive and there seems to be no new queen, had five swarms from this hive and managed to keep three of them. There are plenty of bee's in this hive, but all the new brood so far is drone brood and they have been making new queencells, so i think i have a laying...
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    Hi all, just got back from my out apiary and while i was there i found what looks like a queencell, is this correct? Before i hit the books just woundered due to me only starting beekeeper at the end of last year what should i do?
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    How long?

    Have just put my crown board with porter bee escape's in place above my broad box. I want to remove my super with frames of honey in it, so how long roughly does it take to for the bee's to be go down to my broad box?
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    The farmer who's farm that I keep my bee's on asked me a question, how do I know what my bee's feed on? Because he had been reading a report about livestock that had been eating ragwort and this may have some affect to humans who eat the meat from these animals. Should we have any concerns with...
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    Queen Bee?

    Hi all, i am a new bee keeper and have only inspected my hive twice since only getting a swarm about 4 weeks ago. Last week i managed to spot my queen and marked her with a blue paint pen see photo below on the righthand side. She looked alot bigger as expected but i thought that she was...
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    Location, location, location?

    Hi all, I am a completely new potential beekeeper, but am unsure about my location to keep my bee's when I get some. But I am worried about keeping them in my garden. I have a garden of about 12m x 20m bushes and trees around all sides at the bottom of my garden. I live in bulit up area, it is...