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    Abelo poly hive, old style v new.

    I must have misunderstood the design then. I though the water would be on a plastic ledge, and to get into the hive it would have to go up and over the lip, which water doesn't tend to do.
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    Abelo poly hive, old style v new.

    If the ledge is plastic...does it matter?
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    Oh No! Not Matchsticks Again?

    Perhaps being an electrical engineer isn't that useful as a basis for beekeeping theory or the fluid dynamics of airflow?
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    Good News Bad News after my first winter

    Bad news first. Thanks to COVID my beginner course with my local BKA, delayed from last year, is now pushed back to next year, so I will have to continue using common sense, lots of reading and advice. Good news, I cracked the top of our overwintered hive Monday as it was fairly warm (12C). I...
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    Importation of bees

    No border? Well that will be a shock to all the inhabitants of Northern Ireland, especially the Unionists. I take it you've never been to NI and noticed it's attached to a whole different country which has different tax rates for things like fuel, clothing and so on? And lots of people in prison...
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    Importation of bees

    Considering everything that gets smuggled across that border bees is the least of it. Fuel is a really common one. Several "farmers" who allegedly have links to certain paramilitary organisations have farms that straddle the border, and diesel tanks on both sides. Allegedly they might...
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    Importation of bees

    It sometimes works. The random swarm I picked up in a nuc laid out as a trap last year are lovely gentle things. Not sure how good they are at the honey yet, but a single sting in a season feels like a good thing. Probably not a swarm from a feral hive, but lovely nonetheless.
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    Warm way or cold way?

    Our hive we set up cold way for ease of inspection. Interestingly they built out the first few frames which just had a starter strip from the front (i.e. the "cold" end near the entrance") to the back, so I don't think they were even slightly bothered. Poly hive btw.
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    Queens named

    Me and my Apiary friend decided to name our hives after space programs. First Nuc was Mercury, first Hive is Apollo. His daughter got to name the Queen however and went with British queens, so we have Boudicca. Next hive I think will be Gemini.
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    Positive beekeeping plans

    Complete my training, catch another swarm, split the existing hive, then bugger off to MZ and start again 😊
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    Warped Plastic Frames

    Plastic isn't the problem. Single use plastic and plastic waste is the problem. I note you' reusing a couple of poly nucs (and I have one). They last for decades (granted mine isn't yet a year old), and can be recycled when you're done with them so they're actually a perfectly good choice...
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    Any New Zealand Beeks here?

    Thanks Martin, I probably will drop you a line once I'm more certain of when I'll be going and where I'll end up. The websites handy for working out costs. :)
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    Any New Zealand Beeks here?

    Thanks for that. I had thought to just take out my bee suit frankly as everything else is cheap enough to bin. But if I can't, I can't. Cost of a new suit not much compared to moving 12000 miles.
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    Any New Zealand Beeks here?

    Me and the Wife went on a month long holiday before we married a couple of years ago and loved it. We'd go North Island as that's where the work would be for me (cyber security type), probably close to Wellington or Auckland. A friend settled in Cambridge a couple of years back and it's heavenly.
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    Any New Zealand Beeks here?

    Me and my better half are considering moving a short distance from Gloucestershire to New Zealand in the next year, COVID and visas permitting. Any NZ beeks on here who I could tap for info on the hobby down there? Only just finished my first season here so I'm not set in my ways (and don't...
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    Oh No! Not Matchsticks Again?

    I wish that were true. UK builders weirdly like all the lofts to be "properly ventilated" so even our new homes are about as efficient as German homes from the 1970s. As soon as I can afford it I'm getting a Passivhaus built. Airtight with controlled ventilation, bugger all cost to heat/cool...
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    Political Bakers' Fondant

    MY infant son got his Blue passport already! Used it for the first time over the summer to allow us to fly to Poland so he could apply for his EU passport :-)
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    BB Wear or others

    I've got a Swienty and its comfy and cool. No stings but it's my first season and my bees are pretty gentle. Can't comment on the other suits for comparison. Also really handy that you can fit the whole suit into the helmet, so good for storage.
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    Getting Going

    Before you get too panicked at some of the replies, remember that some of the responders have 30+ hives. As a 1/2 hive keeper the volume of equipment is far less. E.g. don't need the oxalic acid vapour kit, extractors, lots of settling tanks and so on. When you do need some stuff the local...
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    Abelo. Another version

    Beekeeping is like Science. No matter what the claims are about new discoveries being "rapidly adopted", in practice, it has to wait for older, more habit bound scientists to retire or die before new ideas become generally accepted. Quantum Physics, Germ theory, General Relativeity and so on...