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  1. bees4u

    Looking for a mated Q - not fussy!!

    not sure why this happens with my msg!
  2. bees4u

    chat room

    Not many people in the chat room these days? Used to be full on a Saturday night
  3. bees4u

    Bees stolen from an Anglesey farm, North Wales Police

    queen I've been having the same trouble queens laying up nicely then finding blooming virgins running around, i've seen it quite alot, can see there's going to be a lot of drone layers in the spring
  4. bees4u

    Bees stolen from an Anglesey farm, North Wales Police

    rotten thefts I was sorry to hear about the hives being stolen. And I thought the news was quite well presented. They said queen was worth £80! I must be under charging!:yeahthat:
  5. bees4u

    Selling honey in bulk ££

    i'm getting £2.60 per lb
  6. bees4u

    wanted Pollen trap

    Has anyone got a national floor plan trap for sale?
  7. bees4u

    Floor pollen trap wanted

    Has anyone got a plan for a floor pollen trap or one for sale?
  8. bees4u

    What on earth

    Can't understand it at all! Just another geeky way of raising funds
  9. bees4u

    The real spirit of Christmas

    I shall be teaching these detainees bee keeping soon so they can take a trade back to their own country with a small handout from this government. It cost's £30,000 a year to keep one here, so £500 gift & a trade is a good way of saving this country money.
  10. bees4u

    A. W. Gale - The Man and the Business by David Clements (1986)

    Tried there, got one coming from Northern bee books now thanks very much:thanks:
  11. bees4u

    A. W. Gale - The Man and the Business by David Clements (1986)

    Anyone got a copy of this they would like to sell?:thanks:
  12. bees4u

    woodpecker protection methods

    Hope you leave a gap between hive & mesh Joy!:calmdown:
  13. bees4u

    Overwintering an Apidea

    Hi yes I've over wintered a few, best done on a double apidea and make sure it's fed well, also damp can be a real problem, I made a mesh top for mine and I found it better to over winter them inside a brood box, you also have to watch out for wasps attacking them
  14. bees4u

    Traitor or infiltraitor???

    That queen was badly marked! on it's eyes.
  15. bees4u

    Warnholz Mating Hive

    Seems you have to be very careful what you say about queen rearing on here, I put a very interesting post on here and got accused of advertizing. Here is what I wrote what do you think Had a strange one today. Went to my queen bank to check that they hadn't raised any queen cells on a frame of...
  16. bees4u

    Queens in the freezer

    Well done for collecting the swarms for free, take no notice of people on here that always find something to moan about, wonder how many they collect for free:winner1st:
  17. bees4u

    Query-Introducing QC's to unknown QR/QL Cast ?

    If there's a queen in the nuc then the q/cell will be chewed up for sure
  18. my new mating site with new stands

    my new mating site with new stands