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    Microsopy talk

    Hi, is there anyone on this forum willing to give a talk on microscopy for us in Lincolnshire please, petrol expenses will be paid by our association? Thanks for looking.
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    Anyone know a local source of fondant

    I have just collected mine from the local bakers and was charged £27.00 smackers, last year it was £10.00 this is for 12.5kgs boxes and I bought two boxes as I have now got 21 colonies, that should see them through until next year, th****e's are cheaper if collected from their depot the nearest...
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    Apiguard tainted supers

    my advice would be to extract, then feed back to bees in the autumn, put frames back on hives for bees to clean, then refilled with fresh honey by the bees. Simples!
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    Norfolk/Linc's/Camb's border

    moonseo what's that got to do with bees?:beatdeadhorse5:
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    Feeding a bought nuc

    i would recommend at least a Gallon but no more. Gillybee.
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    Willow question??

    Make sure you get permission first before taking cuttings lol. Gillybee.
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    Feeding a bought nuc

    A nuc transferred into a full size hive will invariably need feeding so that the bees have sufficient food to be able to draw out the rest of the frames of foundation, so sorry RAB I disagree on your thinking. Gillybee.
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    sunflower seeds are often coated in something that kills the honeybee but I can't remember the chemical, someone on the forum will know?
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    noob question

    I have left several empty supers above a crown board as I have no storage space, and yes it can be a bit of a pain having to remove them if I want to feed with fondant, I usually take out a few central frames to accomodate for this, but stiil leave them in situ.
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    Nematodes and varroa!

    this is a quote from a newspaper cutting that i kept stating that the Nat Bee Unit as saying " they have developed a genetic technique that makes the mites self-destruct, according to the units Giles Budge".
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    Implications of overfeeding?

    Hi RAB, hows the old ticker working better now youve had the op, welcome back to the forum.
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    Just taken an antihistamine.

    What's wrong with ply?
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    varroa treatment

    Have started my treatment yesterday with apilife var on 4 colonies and the rest on Apigard I must say that Apilife Var is rather expensive as you need 4 strips per hive at a cost of £12.42 for the 4 strips with thornes prices going at £3.13 per strip as per instructions on the packet. Therefore...
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    night time behavior

    From my experience bees hanging around the entrance usually indicate a swarm is eminent, I suggest to do a split especially when you have buckfast queens, then leave them and see what happens, if still queenless by September unite with another stock, good luck. Gillybee.
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    Bees In Gardens And NOT The Beekeepers

    I for one have kept bees at the bottom of my garden for 9 years now without any problems whatsoever, the problem is when the bees decide to swarm, regardless of my best efforts to control the swarming impulse, my neighbours always let me know where they land usually in their bushes so that I go...
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    Can I use preserving sugar?

    You need to have a look on the packet what it contains, anything other than pure sugar forget it, you need granulated and use warm water to disolve the sugar.bee-smillie
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    Trouble finding queen and eggs

    hi, not much information to go on but my advise is:- 1) if queen cell is capped then the queen has gone, not much to do at this stage. That is why there is no eggs. 2) at this late time of the year I would leave at least 2 cells, and let the bees decide which cell to choose since they know...
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    Ratchet straps

    The webbing on these do not last that long I know I use these a lot but only lasting one season if kept on the hives all year round, so false economy, it's best if you buy from thornes after all they are the best money can buy, and yes they can be a tad expensive but last a lot longer. The ones...
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    I envy you guys who can put bees on heather, as I live in Lincolnshire so no sites near me unless someone can direct me to a nearby site willing to travel a little way if necessary. Gillybee!
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    Why won't my bees draw out the supers?

    :iagree:with RAB on the foundation issue as I also had difficulty fitting 14x12 wax sheets from KBS to 14x12 thornes second frames even when I checked for squarness, some thing has gone wrong with the manufacturing I guess!!!