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    Strainaway to bee vac

    Has anyone tried to convert a Strainaway bucket into a bee vac, and if so would they be prepared to share the secret? I've a big cut out coming up in a difficult position (aren't they all!) and a bee vac would greatly help.
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    Bees on Laurel

    Not sure if anyone else has observed this behaviour, but in the last few days my bees have been taking sap from the underside of young Laurel leaves. There are no aphids present but there are always a pair of puncture marks in the area they are licking at. Any thoughts
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    Crazy weather

    I know some you in the North are having a tough winter, but wondered if those in the south are concerned about how much flying their bees are doing, and the implications on stores now and if/when the weather turns.
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    Anyone seen these before?

    Just done a crude copy of some 200 magic lantern slides from my late fathers bee stuff. Does anyone know how old these images are and whether there are many copies out there? Thanks
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    Bright yellow honey - Ragwort?

    Took off a super today with a glorious bright yellow honey, but a bitter taste. Is this Ragwort and will the bitter taste go with time?
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    Scary Monster

    Got a bit of a shock when I opened up one of my hives today. I found this pocking out of the brood box! Think its a moth (didn't know they grew this large in the UK), but for a split second thought it was a giant wasp!. Photo is a reconstruction, hence lack of live bees!
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    Tho**es honey grading glass kit

    Anyone bought these yet? I've just had my pack delivered and they feel more like plastic. I rang T****es and they assured me they were glass. Just wondered if anyone else has any views on them
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    shook swarm

    Ok, did a shook swarm on a colony a short while ago to drop down the varroa and take out a queen with bad temperament. Put in a frame of eggs plus brood from my favourite hive and saw at least three queen cells a few days later. Went away for two weeks expecting them to sort themselves out only...
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    Tree stump update

    Looks like the 'feral' colony in my tree stump have romped through winter. Large numbers of bees flying today so took the opportunity to snap a picture or two. I intend to open up the top of the stump soon (I think the nest is about an inch or two from the top), put a board with a good sized...
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    New Years Eve!

    I have to say I was surprised to find this little girl from my hive happy on the coronella after a night down to minus 2. Hope everyone has a bountiful New Year with lots of honey.
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    Breaking cluster

    Not sure I've ever seen my bees out flying like this in December! This was a late swarm housed in an old WBC, so no remarks about the state of the hive please!
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    Spare Queen

    I've got a spare mated 2014 queen happily siting on a little brood in an apidia with a few of her sisters. She came from a nasty colony (hence her removal) but might do to get someone through the winter if they are queenless now. I'm in Thanet and she's free to a good home as they say.
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    Tree cut out

    Some advice please from you good folks.Had a call from a local charity run woodland about a honey bee colony hived in an old Ash tree. On inspection, it appears to be in an advanced state of decay (you can rock it with one hand!) They are keen to rescue the colony and re-home it elsewhere...
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    Lakeland spider catcher

    Saw this thing the other day and I'm sure it has an application in beekeeping. Anyone bought one and tried it?
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    Bit of a boo boo!

    I think I have royally messed up a unite this week. Scenario went something like this. Nasty queen on a good sized colony, very good queen on a small colony. Removed nasty queen having positioned good queen on nasty's roof, and united with paper (left them for a week). So far so good. I then...
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    Smoke out works

    Just come back from a swarm call after taking a phone message from a very anxious lady. The swarm were well down in the chimney breast and could be heard behind the bedroom fireplace blank off. It was not clear just how long they had been there so I decided to try and smoke them out after taking...
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    Aldi radiator reflector sheet

    Anyone tried this on your hives. I'm not sure whether the sheets properties would help keep our bees warm in winter?
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    RHS Wisley

    Oh how I envy those beeks at Wisley. I was there yesterday and there were thousands of honeys on all manner of flower from Salvias to late Aliums. They must make some fantastic flavoured honey, even now. All I'm stuck with is Ivy and the odd Dahlia! Well worth the day out.
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    Bee attack on BBC news

    Did anyone else notice the bee being attacked at the end of the piece on Scottish independence on the BBC 10pm news? It looks like a hornet takes out a hapless honey bee on a thistle. Hidden message perhaps?
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    Ivy out already!

    Got a bit of a shock when I saw this Ivy in flower near my apiary. Fortunately none of my bees seem to be interested at the moment, but this does seem early to me.