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  1. KayJ

    Just as I thought I had everything under control !!

    I have finished the Apiguard treatment, feeding is going well. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon so I thought I'd go through the hives as it might be the last chance before the weather turns cold. I am now thoroughly confused and don't know what to do next. I found two sealed Q cells and others...
  2. KayJ

    Out apiary costs

    Can any one give me a rough idea as to the cost of an out apirary? Is there a going rate? I only have two maybe three hives at the moment.
  3. KayJ

    Can't sit in the garden

    Last Wednesday my bees swarmed, I managed to get them back and rehive them in a new b box. As I was going through the old colony the next day to sort out the queen cells, blow me if the old queen didn't take off again back to the same spot in next doors hedge. This time they stung next doors...
  4. KayJ

    Winter losses - is this normal?

    This is my first year keeping bees so I wonder if anyone can please tell me if this is normal / why do you think so many bees have died? The weather today was up to about 8 degrees so I went to check on my bees. As expected they were removing the dead ones but there was such a difference...
  5. KayJ

    Apiguard disaster.

    Hello folks. I'm a new beekeeper looking for help and support please. I started in June with a nuc which swarmed within two weeks giving me two colonies. So far so good. I thought I was just about coping till this last Sunday when disaster struck - all my fault of course! I'd just finished my...