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    Father Brown

    Did anyone watch "Father Brown" on BBC1 at 2.15 yesterday ? It was entitled "Queen Bee" with the plot of an eccentric larger than life female beekeeper getting murdered. Included a swarm, a policeman getting stung in the neck, a large diamond hidden in a WBC and actors holding a smoker in a...
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    Scottish beekeepers forum offline

    Is the SBA forum offline at the moment?
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    License needed to purchase Oxalic acid?

    https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/428783/Guidance_for_Pharmacies_FINAL_TEMPLATE.pdf A pharmacist beekeeper has drawn my attention to new regulations on the sale of poisons to the public that came into force in May 2015 (see above link) On 26 May2015 the...
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    Pam Gregory

    Just heard that beekeeping has just lost yet another good beekeeper. Pam Gregory NDB author of several beekeeping manuals & founder member of "Bees abroad" passed away yesterday.
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    Past module papers for free

    BBKA members can now download copies of recent past Module papers from the BBKA web site for free.
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    Harper Adams BBKA convention

    Going to BBKA convention this saturday and sunday. Which lectures do people recommend others to go to?
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    More Sacbrood around this year?

    Is there more sacbrood around this year ? I have seen it in several apiaries both in Yorkshire and in Surrey this spring. For the first 45 years of my beekeeping experience I never actually saw it in my own or other peoples colonies (although was shown it on a comb at Luddington: remember...
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    filling woodpecker holes

    I have 7 hives with extra ventilation holes thanks to a green woodpecker. In the past I have used exterior poly filler or used a stiff cement / sawdust mix to fill the holes. Open to other suggestions that are effective and not too expensive. I know I should have anticipated it and put the nets...
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    On page 14 of the april BBKA news is an advert from a Yorkshire supplier which proclaims that they sell live bees (and equipment). The photo used to ilustrate this is of a bumblebee taking nectar from a delphinium. No wonder the public gets honeybees and bumbles confused if beekeepers can't tell...
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    Plastic Feeders

    A couple of our members asked me at our January meeting yesterday if the so called "English Feeders" being sold by T in their winter sale were worth getting . They are 12 for £80 in their sale which seems cheap. I have no experience of using these plastic rapid feeders so would be glad of any...
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    Mesh floors: Do bees seem to attract other bees

    Went to the apiary today and found large prime swarms under the mesh floors of two of my hives. These swarms had not come from the colonies in those hives as I went through both of them and found both queens (and no queen cells). There are 19 colonies in that apiary and was pleasantly...