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    Normal bee behaviour?

    You could end up with 6 colonies by the end of summer then, If you havent done so already get some spare hives and supers to deal with swarms as the happen
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    beevital hive clean

    I used to use Hive clean, in my experience it made no real difference. I dont use it now. Use Oxalyic acid in December and Apiguard in the summer. I also have switched from using open mesh floors to solid floors as im using a wbc hive now.I think the treatments work a lot better with solid...
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    deformed wing virus

    No read the Fera book, can cause more harm than good as not scientifically proven not to harm bees.
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    deformed wing virus

    Well a month on and the bees seem to be recovering, what i think i have had with this particular colony is bee paralasis virus. Their wings were splayed open like flies. Varoa drop has been quite low in this colony an to suggest poor husbandry is an insult in my opinion. I always treat with...
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    deformed wing virus

    I did notice varoa drop was low in all my colonies after treating with Apiguard. Next Autumn I will try a different treatment. However I had another colony with high varoasis all though again low drop with apiguard this was on a solid floor and a very strong colon . Nothing to lose and low brood...
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    deformed wing virus

    I have used hive clean and apiguard in the Autumn. I think I will use oxalic acid if colony isnt too weak
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    deformed wing virus

    I have noticed one of my colonies has deformed wing virus. I have deliberatly left this hive to its own devices and not united it with any other colonies this autumn. Does any one know of away to to irradicate the virus. Im using open mesh floors. I suspect this colony may die out which is a...
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    The truth about bee deaths and neonicotinoids - how the epa was bought

    I wonder if there is a link with children getting Crohnes disease. My son has just been diagnosed aged 14. We have no link in our family with this. However as one of the food sources we can give him is honey..
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    AFB in Northamptonshire

    there is a landfill site at finedon, probably came from there
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    Message from National Bee Inspector

    Beggers belief as to why any one would take all the supers away just because of treating for mites. I have left a full super on all of my hives as they can quickly starve due to robbing by wasps and other colonies close by.I have even put and left the wet supers on above the crown board with one...
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    How late to leave varroa treatment?

    The advice I would give as autumn seems to get early and earlier is Start treatment by 15th of August as it needs to be on for 4 weeks. If the temperature is too low Apiguard wont be effective enough as a treatment and you will have to treat with oxalic acid in the winter. I always find it a...
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    Clear Honey processing logistics

    Honey is what it is, I have honey that is pure creamy white and tastes delicous.Most people have different tastes and alot of people prefer this solid state honey to runny as it tastes better. If you want to decrystalise it you should place it back in a warming cabinet until it goes runny again...
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    The colony is on death row

    People on here are as grumpy as the Bees..lol
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    The colony is on death row

    Ok the bees were from this area and not from your own apairy site. Are you sure you have a queen thats laying or do you have one laying drones and not properly mated. Some areas of Northants have been struggling to get queens to mate properly due to low number of drones in the area and poor...
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    The colony is on death row

    Dont blame the bees for being aggressive. If you have a hive that hasnt been inspected for 7 years there may be other factors to be aware of. Try moving the hive to a new location. You will be suprised how this can help bees aggression.
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    Confused bees outside base of nuclues

    Could be any thing, If you have a lot of bees crawling along the grass and not flying this could give concern. This looks like it is trying to clean its self up removing Honey residue, cobwebs etc. have you got any wax moth in the frames that would entangle the bees in silk
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    I doint think Bees are indecline. Its more a case of Old time Bee keepers that have been declining and retiring, not moving with the times to combat varoa. Most associations have good numbers now of new beeks coming in to the hobby but less experienced Beekeepers willing to pass on information...
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    using soot on swarms

    My Grandfather used to put soot on his garden, it was very good at killing pests, at least these bees should be used to smoke and kind of calm, soot would make them clean themselves and probably remove the mites. Needs researching properly
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    nucs for sale in Derby

    I will also be selling some nucs in the spring as I have more than enough colonies to contend with. I live in Northants so pm me with your requirements and I will see what I can do.
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    Bad Beekeepers Club, by Bill Turnbull

    Just had the book for Christmas. Absolutely fantastic read and very funny. I must admit Im a member of the Bad Beekeepers Club and can recognise the same mistakes as Bill has made. Well worth a read and very informative for new beginners! I wonder if Bill is on this Forum ? Perhaps he can Pm...