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  1. meidel

    Has anyone seen bees on fruit?

    Was amazed to find a bee getting her fill of plum juice! Has anyone else seen anything like it?
  2. meidel

    What's this creature please?

  3. meidel

    all the weeds that bees love

    the dreaded HB of course, Japanese knotweed too and this morning I read that convolvulus is another honey bee plant !! for gardeners who are also beeks this must lead to some mixed feelings, no?
  4. meidel

    Peak queen cell number

    Does anyone monitor this and how reliable are the stats? I thought with all the A/S's we'd done April/May I'd keep a record of the PQCN for each hive. The one which gave the most conservative number - 15 back in mid May, this same queen and her brood produced just over 25 today! Does this...
  5. meidel

    even the HB is early

    All the summer forage is in bloom now - limes, blackberry/bramble, now HB - which makes me wonder again what the bees can forage in July ...
  6. meidel

    poor mating or swarming again?

    Was very surprised to find swarm bees making queen cells in their new hive - the queen was spotted on the 5th brood frame - all brood frames were nicely capped and some larvae but no eggs. Considering the dry warm weather we'd been having and a large number of drones in the area can it really...
  7. meidel

    blue or green honey anyone?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19840555 I wonder if those of you in Alsace have had this experience?
  8. meidel

    winter bees in the making

    I think one of my colonies has finally decided they're making preparations for winter. I haven't inspected them and don't plan to since beginning of September. But a week ago I removed the apiguard super and brought the crown board down to just above the top bars, left the ambrosia on in the 4...
  9. meidel

    Does anyone else have a problem with birds?

    We've had our suspicions for a while now that the family of magpies living in the nearby woods come down to the apiary and help themselves to our bees. We've seen them scatter off and fly away when we've approached the bees. Yesterday I lurked in a corner outside and saw two of them hop up to...
  10. meidel

    Newbie mistakes made which I'll never make again!

    Ok then hands up, what did you do to test the resilience of your bees? (Finman look away now or you may read on smugly in confirmation of your belief that 2 hive owners are to bees worse than the arctic weather) 1. Made a split too early in the season when not enough drones for mating about -...
  11. meidel

    EFB, distances and amount of forage

    A while back I got an email from NBU with a warning that an outbreak of EFB had been confirmed within a 3km radius of our apiary. Since then nothing - I guess the bee inspectors have been kept really busy. Meanwhile we've been on disease workshops and checked our colonies and even had our...
  12. meidel

    incoming bees with markings on thorax

    down at the apiary this afternoon i noticed a few marked drones and worker bees! so who has been practising marking bees recently then? I know it wasn't any of us at the apiary. has anyone else noticed anything similar?
  13. meidel

    Honey! and why can't i rotate my pictures?

    :party:today we managed to extract about 15 litres of honey - this is the very first honey from new beeks in north london
  14. meidel

    patch of drone brood in super

    Has anyone else experienced finding a small patch of drone brood in the bottom of super frames well above the QEx? I found them this afternoon - the colony raised its own queen from a test frame about 3 weeks ago - the queen was seen going back to the hive last Friday 20th July. I'm waiting...
  15. meidel

    when is it really safe to inspect a colony which has a virgin queen?

    The virgin emerged at latest Tues 17th July. She was seen on Friday outside the hive and returning safely. It has been fantastic weather since - mid to late 20 degrees Celsius according to the apiary temperature gauge. I'm one of those 2 hive owner newbeeks who like to look into their hives...
  16. meidel

    Just remind me why people have carnies?

    It's confirmed - a particular mayor backed organisation supplied one of our apiary members a colony of carniolan bees. No doubt they did the same thing to all those unsuspecting new beeks on their scheme the whole breadth of the capital with the same bees. Anyone with experience of carnies...
  17. meidel

    mated queen in apidea - yippee

    now the hard part Having seen eggs in the apidea I am going to unite them with a queenless colony using newspaper (pricked to get the bees chewing) over the Q- crownboard hole, bottom tray of apidea removed and this over the newspaper hole bit, close the entrance of apidea, super and eke around...
  18. meidel

    How does the queen know not to lay in the test frame?

    At the weekend we took out a frame of eggs to insert as a test for a colony but found that the queen had started to lay. Nevertheless we put the frame in. I'm now wondering if it was a mistake and would the queen know that there are eggs in that frame and avoid laying there or might we find...
  19. meidel

    Murray or Federer?

    I wonder how many Swiss beeks are on here? bee-smillie
  20. meidel

    Let the bees raise a new queen now or introduce a mated laying queen?

    Bearing in mind it was on 4th July when the test frame was inserted and I'm in London would the bees have enough time to get her mated and laying with sufficient over wintering bees? Some background info - these are 2 strong colonies which swarmed and were combined on 24th June. They are...