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    Microsopy talk

    Hi, is there anyone on this forum willing to give a talk on microscopy for us in Lincolnshire please, petrol expenses will be paid by our association? Thanks for looking.
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    Round Section Frames Wanted

    10 Round section frames wanted to fill section crate please! Gillybee.
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    Has anyone had any experience with the product in question, as I would like to know if the mixture is supposed be runny, thick like a paste, if its a paste then the instructions on the bag is wrong, it tells me to make a 50% sugar syrup then add warm water then add the required powder...
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    Oilseed Rape

    Hi All, You are not going to believe this, last week I went for a drive and I saw a field of rape in full flower, pity my bees were not there to take advantage while the wheather is mild, as they are still flying by afternoon. Anyone else seen any in flower yet, and it's nearly November...