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  1. Ziggymole

    Wild bees

    I have my first bee colony in my garden - which is wonderful but I have no idea what kind of bees they are. They're not honey bees and they're not wasps either. They are burrowing holes in a decaying piece of 3"x2" handrail. They're quite dark in colour and without noticeably stripes. My son...
  2. Ziggymole

    Beekeeping course Aberdare, Wales

    I've just received an email from our local eco centre with news of this year's beekeeping course. It starts on Sunday 5th May at 10.30 til 16.00, and is monthly until November. Cost £55 - £35 if unemployed, retired etc. Contact details rebecca.broome@gmrct.org.uk Fedw Hir Eco Centre...
  3. Ziggymole

    A level day

    Can I congratulate all the other relieved parents whose children have passed their A levels and are on their way to uni etc. My last boy just scraped through with a Welsh Bac pass, a C at Maths and an E in Chemistry - we won't mention the U in physics!:rolleyes:
  4. Ziggymole

    Septic sewage systems - keeping them clean!

    OK, I can't be the only person on here who lives "off grid" so to speak and has a septic tank & sewage system. I've recently had to register with the environment agency and this has co-incided with the two yearly emptying. The lad who did the job says there are additives I can use to keep down...
  5. Ziggymole

    Varroa control

    I tried putting this in the "idiots" thread but got no answers! It's an idiotic question I'm sure but I really would like to know how you control varroa in a Warre hive?
  6. Ziggymole

    Preserving the wood inside the hive.

    I'm busy getting my first (ever) hive ready. The outside is being painted in exterior satin paint but what would you recommend I use inside? Do you have a particular "recipe" or use an off the shelf product? Pros/Cons and other suggestions all gratefully recieved. Ziggy
  7. Ziggymole

    Mentor in South Wales (valleys area)

    Hi I will be getting ready to start beekeeping this year, preparing the hive and site initially with a view to getting a package of bees next spring. In the meantime, as well as doing a lot of reading, I would like to get some experience with a mentor. I will be using a warre hive, however it's...