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  1. sugarbush

    Cabinet style AZ hive from Slovenia.

    Curious if anybody here has any experience or familiarity with the Slovenia cabinet style hives that are typically placed in the wall of a building? I am just looking for insight into their advantages and drawbacks as well as winter survival rates. There are a few people here promoting this...
  2. sugarbush

    Who should I vote for.

    Well the US election is drawing near and we are pretty sure it will be between Clinton and Trump. I don't like either of them, but dislike Trump more. My third choice is to throw my vote away by casting it for a protest candidate like Vermin Supreme. I think Brits are more up on world affairs...
  3. sugarbush

    In beekeeping; it's already been done.

    The internet age has brought on an interesting era in beekeeping, an era of world wide exchange of information without leaving our homes. This has also brought about the advent of old ideas being re-launched as new. Often these ideas end up getting attributed to a person who isn't the original...
  4. sugarbush

    The Off Topic Poll

    Curious what the general consensus is here regarding topics that stray from the original topic? I understand that from a "search" standpoint it is a nightmare, but I have been around forums long enough to know that if someone has a question they just re-ask it, and rarely use the search feature...
  5. sugarbush

    How often do you drink?

    Just for kicks and giggles. A poll about alcohol consumption among beekeepers. I like a good beer from time to time and will have a glass of good Bourbon on the rocks on holidays. I might have 3-4 alcoholic beverages per year. If I buy a 6 pack it usually goes stale before I finish it.
  6. sugarbush

    Discussion on what a hive needs to winter successfully.

    I want to put together a list of what a hive must have to winter successfully and then address how to assess and mitigate any deficiencies. My basic list is as follows: #1. A good queen. (one that isn't going to fail mid winter) #2. Sufficient Stores #3. Sufficient cluster #4. Low mite...
  7. sugarbush

    Robert Russell (Russell Apiaries) Arrested.

    Owner of the world renowned bee breeder "Russell Apiaries" Robert Lee Russell PHD. has been arrested and charged with fraud. He was initially stopped on a traffic violation but has been charged with Fraud in relation to his activity as a beekeeper. Russell Apiaries was one of the few breeders of...
  8. sugarbush

    Package Bee Week

    As some of you know I am a package bee distributor here in New England. Last week was Bee Week for me and I thought I would share some of the pictures I took. I really didn't take many as I am so busy I forget to get out the camera. The first picture is a bee trucks worst nightmare; a traffic...
  9. sugarbush

    Unique locations for bee yards

    Lets see your unique bee yards... Attached is my nuc yard. It serves to keep solicitors from knocking on the door... Actually works quite well... The UPS guy leaves all packages in the driveway.
  10. sugarbush

    Another sweet hobbie

    It is the time of year when New Englanders tap maple trees for the clear water like sap and turn it into Maple syrup. I was tapping trees well before I ever started keeping bees and my user name on here is a term that comes from making maple syrup. I snapped some photos today so I thought I...
  11. sugarbush

    Bees for security? They are joking right?

  12. sugarbush

    Are honey bees domesticated?

    I have frequently heard some beekeepers state that they are wild animals contrary to the fact they have been specifically bred for 3000 years. So what do you all think? Domestic livestock or wild animals kept confined...
  13. sugarbush

    Hive weight headed into winter?

    So what is the weight you shoot for when headed into winter? Here in the US Common advice states that a double deep colony should weigh 100-150 lbs for wintering. But American bees are very un-thrifty when it comes to winter stores. Brother Adam wrote about winter thrift and setting a breeding...
  14. sugarbush

    How big of an island for isolated mating yard?

    I have the opportunity to purchase an Island which is 7 miles off of it's nearest point of the mainland. The price is reasonable due to it being in a very rough patch of ocean. The Island has a small shed on it and a lighthouse on it which I will have the use of, but would still be owned by the...
  15. sugarbush

    Survived Irene In Vermont.(pic heavy)

    Well we are still alive. We left Connecticut and retreated to Vermont to get away from the coast, and VT got it worse then CT did. We are high and dry, but the roads in and out are gone. Back in 1927 the New England area got hit by a flood which killed 58 people and destroyed 9000 homes. That...
  16. sugarbush

    Honey sales

    I imagine not many of you are consumers of Country Music, but I love this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZjosn2u1gA
  17. sugarbush

    No Loin, or Tigers, but BEARS oh my.

    I don't know if anybody here has ever had to deal with bears, but here are what we have to do in order to keep them out of some hives I manage in Vermont. I have been assisting with keeping bees on this property for the last 6 years, the first couple of years went fine, but then we started...
  18. sugarbush

    Why I am here

    I know a few of you have noticed my sudden presence on the forum and the fact that I am from the US. I hope I am not the only "septic" beek on the forum:bigear: Anyway; a little background on me. I have been messing with honey bees for the last 18 or so years. I have gone from a hobbyist beek...