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  1. Ziggymole

    Wild bees

    Thank you very much everyone. Leaf cutter bee makes sense as I had one in the garden a couple of years back who made a home in a plant pot on the patio table and I spent many happy hours watching her carry bits of leaf into the nest. It also explains my son's "caterpillar" a piece of rolled...
  2. Ziggymole

    Wild bees

    It's half the picture it once was to enable me to load it on here...... Obee - I'm nowhere near a novice let alone and expert but I've handled honey bees so I can tell the difference (I think). She's smaller than a honey bee and although there are quite a few of them digging their way into that...
  3. Ziggymole

    Wild bees

    Thank you everyone - but I'll stick to getting the kids to do these things for me. That's the little beastie Erica - any ideas what kind of bee she is? Ziggy
  4. 090a


  5. Ziggymole

    Wild bees

    I've given up - I can't even put a picture in an album on here! Such is life. If anyone is interested I managed to get a photo in an album on here called ziggy's pics Why are these things so damn difficult? Ziggy
  6. Ziggy's pics

    Ziggy's pics

  7. Ziggymole

    Wild bees

    Hi Finman, Thanks but not the right one. Going to try and add a photo. Hope this works! This is the last time I'm going to try. Ziggy
  8. Ziggymole

    Wild bees

    I have my first bee colony in my garden - which is wonderful but I have no idea what kind of bees they are. They're not honey bees and they're not wasps either. They are burrowing holes in a decaying piece of 3"x2" handrail. They're quite dark in colour and without noticeably stripes. My son...
  9. Ziggymole

    New Member - Living in France

    :welcome:And a welcome from me too. I'll be in dept 53. Ziggy
  10. Ziggymole

    New Apiary, hive location - comments and opinions

    Very interesting thread this one as I will be setting out an empty hive to encourage some of the local feral bees to set up home! Very similar outlook to the OP, I have three acres of grassland surrounded by hedges and mature trees and can therefore set the hive out to suit the bees. Biggest...
  11. Ziggymole

    sloping hive stands –-some advice, please...

    Same here - and some how there is always a big bit and a small one. :) Ziggy
  12. Ziggymole

    sloping hive stands –-some advice, please...

    I honestly can't use a straight saw to make a straight cut - let alone get the same measurement twice - rebates are way out of that league! If you're in my carpentry ability band ..................................................... get help!:hairpull:
  13. Ziggymole

    changing GP practises

    Hi Pete, Like most people when I moved I just registered with the nearest practice that was taking on new patients. After realising my mistake I put up with the situation until I was expecting and then went out and visited ALL the GP practices near my home until I found a surgery that suited me...
  14. Ziggymole

    sloping hive stands –-some advice, please...

    Erm no - not simples at all. Do what I did buy a suitable length of 4" x 4" timber and ask the store to put it through the bench saw or whatever so they end up all the same length and with nice square ends!! Ziggy
  15. Ziggymole

    Gone a bit quiet ?

    As a new bee I used to check in regularly and read through a lot of the threads in their entirety - I found them interesting and informative overall and looked forward to having my own bees and talking about them on here too. Then the unpleasantness got out of hand - the good humoured banter...
  16. Ziggymole

    Candle making

    I make lots of candles and the only time I ever have a problem removing them from the mould is when I overfill the second pour and it runs down the gap between the first pour and the mould. (I hope that makes sense to you) That said I have never used a plastic mould of any description, just...
  17. Ziggymole

    Beekeeping in France

    :welcome: ruche17 please don't be put off by QueenMaster, most people on here are very helpful and polite. It's a shame I cannot help with your enquiry or that my French home isn't a little closer (dept 53 Mayenne). All the best to you Jan
  18. Ziggymole

    Bee sting remedy - hot water

    I think the effect of putting a hot compress on an area is that it opens up the blood vessels, whereas putting a cold compress on closes them up. If that is the case then perhaps heat helps the body remove and treat the area with whatever our immune systems have to help. Perhaps cold stops...
  19. Ziggymole

    Great Tits feeding their young on my bees.

    I've got a rather large domestic cat that the birds take absolutely no notice of, it sleeps right under the bird feeder, but they carry on regardless! Poor cat has no street credibility. The magpies have even been seen pulling his tail. So I can't see a bit of hosepipe or a plastic bird having...
  20. Ziggymole

    Never mind the bees, we're (the) right.

    This is just the latest in a long series of "moral panics". For some reason we humans just can't seem to stop ourselves behaving like lemmings and jumping, on the bandwagon, or off the cliff with the rest of them. A quick trawl through my memory bank brings back the following moral panics:-...