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  1. DrNick


    Sorry for the daft question, but I am still a beginner at this, is Apiguard supposed to be consumed like food or does it break down and give off the fumes that kill the mites or both, it is just that the bees aren't touching it but it does seem to be slowly dissolving, any help on this matter...
  2. DrNick

    Thoughts of Change

    I am thinking of changing from National brood boxes to 12x14s for next year, but I have read that as a queen lays approx 2000 a day and taking into account stores, wasted space on frames etc, Commercial brood boxes would be a better size as any honey would be stored in the brood box in a 12x14...
  3. DrNick

    Hive Insulation

    I know someone on here was talking about polystyrene for hive insulation, this site might have the answer. http://www.styrotech.uk.com/