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  1. mandabow

    beware old veils are easily chewed through

    well i used to be desensitised but... 10-15 yrs ago when being stung wasn't all that uncommon, i never came up in any kind of swelling.. so being blazay and helping with a very overdue AS this weekend i just wore a veil i had picked up as part of a suit at an auction for a tenner rather than...
  2. mandabow

    lordy loardy another addition to the help the bee bandwagon

    sorry if posted before. but i hadn't seen "do the honey bee" was actually looking for info on gotham city, New yorks illegal underground beek society as a freind mentioned it today at work and stumbled on the breakdancing bees vid, new spin on waggle dance i guess... blessem for trying but i...
  3. mandabow

    designing out varroa

    i've been thinking ( generally a dangerous thing).... having watched this and thought how annoying for the bees having to lift the dead up and out. and seen pictures the otherday on here of someone queen excluding up their obervation hives exit.... + thinking of the "new improved antiswarming...
  4. mandabow

    Dead bees in new empty hive

    while i try and resist posting on before finishing and get on with reading the thread of doom i have a random question: I bought an omlet beehaus about a yr and a half ago when i was made redundant and had moved back to my mums. sadly (literally weeks before i ordered the omlet) my mentor had...