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  1. spikespearman

    Trick Entrence Nuke

    I think the beekeeper must be back in my area. They tend to move around here traveling to different locations with their bees. Last year I built my first TBH, and used lemon grass scent and swarm pheromone, sure enough some bees defected and I ended up with 2 colonies but the first colony was...
  2. spikespearman

    Do beekeepers help undermine a bees defence?

    Hi everyone, I was watching a couple of videos about Japanese bee keepers that were using the European honey bee because it was capable of producing twice the amount of honey as the native Japanese honey bee. The problem came when 30 Japanese giant hornets decided to take on a hive of 30,000...
  3. spikespearman

    Queenless Hive

    Hi everyone, I'm new to bee keeping. Last Christmas I was reading about the plight of the Honey Bee and thought right I'll build a Top Bar Hive, I wasn't sure about where I was going to get some bees, but decided on trying to attract some with lemon grass scent and swarm pheromone in the hive...