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    deformed wing virus

    I have noticed one of my colonies has deformed wing virus. I have deliberatly left this hive to its own devices and not united it with any other colonies this autumn. Does any one know of away to to irradicate the virus. Im using open mesh floors. I suspect this colony may die out which is a...
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    Bad Beekeepers Club, by Bill Turnbull

    Just had the book for Christmas. Absolutely fantastic read and very funny. I must admit Im a member of the Bad Beekeepers Club and can recognise the same mistakes as Bill has made. Well worth a read and very informative for new beginners! I wonder if Bill is on this Forum ? Perhaps he can Pm...
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    AFB in Northamptonshire

    AFB is in 3 villages now in Northamptonshire. Irthlingborough, Little Harrowden and Finedon. Seems tro be in a Triangle. If anyone lives close by to these villages expect to get a visit from Bee inspector or if you havent already done so notify someone that you keep Bees just as a precaution.AFB...
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    Nasty Bees

    I put two hives up my allotment in March. So far they have been extremly territorial. After numerous attempts to improve their temperment ie Requeen, reunited colonies they still seem to be aggressive. The hive is next to a cornfield and has recently been sprayed. I am now wondering if this is...
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    2 queens in the same brood box!

    I united 2 colonies a couple of weeks back. One which was a swarm i brought from another Beek and a nuc with a marked Queen. The Nuc I brought from the Beek had no brood or eggs and no sign of a queen. Easy solution I thought was to put the 2 colonies either end of the brood box with a frame...
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    Busy week as a swarm collector. 2 swarms in the week and then 3 yesterday. All this warm weather. Must say the bees were all well behaved and a pleasure to work with unlike my angry bunch at the allotment.
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    Honey Prices for 12 oz jars

    Any one got a price yet for Spring honey in 12 oz Jars. Just took off 5 frames from Super and extracted 10.5llbsbee-smillie
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    Queens playing dead

    Placed another hive in my back garden a month a go and used some brood from my original hive, a week later I knocked off the queen cells and placed a new queen in her cage next to the brood. The idea was to replace my original queen with this new queen and brood once she had started laying. A...
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    Had a look at the Omlet at Stoneleigh yesterday. It was ok apart from the fact the supers had large gaps inbetween them. Perfect for letting in those wasps and anything else that wanted to rob. I hope they can improve on it, wonder how well it will stand up to UV sunlight. I think in 8 years...
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    It maybe a good idea to check on Bees to see that they are not starving to death. A lot of colonies are collapsing because they are not moving away from the cluster to feed of the frames to the sides of them. By moving frames around and placing full combs of food next to the cluster will help as...
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    Mead Melomol

    Made some mead back in September. Having seen it go of like a rocket fermentation wise it then stopped and cleared its self. I then noticed some tiny bubbles forming this week and once again its started to ferment again. How long should this drink normally take before I can bottle it? I think...
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    Garlic powder and icing sugar

    Heard about a treatment being tried in Yorkshire for varoa. Ive heard of icing sugar but never use of garlic?
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    Varoa treatment

    Its my third week of treating varoa and after 3 weeks I have noticed a very large drop in Varoa on board underneath the varoa floor. There must have been 300 plus varoa... too many to count:svengo: Its little wonder we have colonies collapsing with this many varoa. Having said that my carnolian...
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    New mated queen introduced

    Last week I introduced a new queen in to a Nuc of young bees and brood. On inspection today I found 6 queen cells and no sign of the new queen. The Bees were quiet however. Is there a possability the new queen could be in amongst the Bees or has she been disposed of by means of superscedure. The...
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    Spliting Colony in late August

    Hi I have a large colony of light coloured Carnolian type bees that are very prolific. My question is this, is it too late in the year to make a split and introduce a new queen in to the new nuc. Their is little stores in the way of honey but plenty of polen. I would obviously need to feed...
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    Removing Supers and condensing down

    What is the best way to reduce my hive down in size. I have 3 Supers on at the moment 2 of which have had their honey extracted. I have a prolific colony and dont want to make the Bees feel too over crowded like they were when I used the clearer board.At the moment I am feeding them as they have...
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    Getting attacked

    I went in to my hive last night to put back some wet supers and take of some frames. It was geeting dark so I think I made a big mistake. I no sooner took of the roof and cover board I was stung on the arm. I was then stung in total 13 times through my veil and top and jeans. They were really...
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    New Zealand Queen Wanted

    Does any one know or have any NZ Queens? Please pm me. Have tried a few places, but no luck
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    New zealand Bees

    New zealand Bees what strain of Bees are these from? I have Carnolian Bees and compared to my friends Bees who has New zealand bees these look very similar. :confused: