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  1. mandabow

    Comment by 'mandabow' in media 'seal off all other edges (sorry bit out of order on the last one to show how the water makes them go up and down) thne pour in syrup, or indeed at th'

    oops forgot to say.. if you really want to feed up (or will not be able to check them for along time) then cut a hole in the middle and insert a tube (effervesent vitamin tablet tubes seem about perfect size) between this and an identical unit above... when it is empty the bees chew up the poly...
  2. voila a hinge

    voila a hinge

  3. then cut round the central container to provide evaporation stop

    then cut round the central container to provide evaporation stop

  4. peel of stickers.. and wash thoraghly

    peel of stickers.. and wash thoraghly

  5. mandabow

    Why do my bees play in cow manure ?

    i would hazard a guess at salts/minerals cows like a fair bit of salt lick the pond water may not have so much of whatever they feel they are deficient in esp if it is rainwater. could also be something like sweetness of breakdown in carbohydrates in the grass the cows have eaten, depite three...
  6. mandabow

    Bees living on show

    title made me remember http://www.youtube.com/all_comments?v=AGWfib8M8FQ mad exibition from what i remeber it's jesus, above a brood box with QX below stopping swarming. kept in a dimly lit room with tube to outside. fed sugarwater with red dye, queen would not come up into the light er...
  7. mandabow

    out apiary

    doesn't stay in first page very long in this forum now does it? way past second page already... so the number of people who see it (esp without bumping) is a lot lower than say in the for sale /wanted section where things tend to linger a bit longer.. and it is afterall a wanted advert.. as in...
  8. mandabow

    out apiary

    *bump* glad ya made it.. may indeed be cunningplan to ask Admin to take of your number as this is an open forum, anyone can read.. maybe get him to move it to anothers section where it won't move down the page so fast.. not sure which section best though :s
  9. mandabow

    shallow nuc frames

    if you want them out, quickest way is to put the national frames into two supers on top of one another above 5 of the correct sized 14 x 12 frames then a dummy board (making it a brood and a quater nuc, if that makes sence), once the frames below are drawn and queen is laying there brush all...
  10. national introduction

    national introduction

  11. mandabow

    Keep having to log back in

    i have the same problem here in rugby, but not in southampton or on my mobile ( the rember me seems to have little effect) think it's to do with cookies settings, i keep loosing the cookies for the site so it forgets i'm logged in from one page to the next, then tells me i can't view unless i...