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  1. bees4u

    chat room

    Not many people in the chat room these days? Used to be full on a Saturday night
  2. bees4u

    wanted Pollen trap

    Has anyone got a national floor plan trap for sale?
  3. bees4u

    Floor pollen trap wanted

    Has anyone got a plan for a floor pollen trap or one for sale?
  4. bees4u

    A. W. Gale - The Man and the Business by David Clements (1986)

    Anyone got a copy of this they would like to sell?:thanks:
  5. bees4u

    uncapping rollers

    I see Thornes sell an uncapping roller, which I thought were only good for heather honey, has anyone used them on normal comb uncapping? & what did they think of them:thanks:
  6. bees4u

    chat room

    is it my computer, can't seem to get into the chat room these days?
  7. bees4u


    Anyone made a frame for holding apidea frames for nationals? would love to see a picture:thanks: I'm have some frames made for my micro mini nucs and one national frame will hold 8 of these frames:thanks:
  8. bees4u

    BeeKeepers Quarterly

    Has anyone got the article about over wintering queens in cages in the hive, it was in the July issue, I would just like the facts please:thanks:
  9. bees4u

    book swop

    Has anyone got the book by Carl Jurica, "queen production in the North?" I'd be interested in buying it, if you've finished with it. I'd be happy to swop another queen rearing book for it;);)
  10. bees4u

    inside my incubator

    I've just had this rack made for the inside of my new incubator. Thought you all would like to see it:nature-smiley-016:
  11. bees4u


    Does anyone use II here in the south east Kent and who would be willing to show me how to do it? I'd love to learn how to & even get together for a chat would be nice.
  12. bees4u

    Mentoring offered

    I'm happy to show you the ropes and it would be nice to have company going around the hives. Folkestone Kent
  13. bees4u

    queen balled

    I was inspected the other day by the BDI, he was gentle and hadn't shaken the bees about & they balled a really good queen, for no real reason, and she was a well established queen too. Then blow me it happened again yesterday when I was moving a nuc into a hive and they killed a lovely new...
  14. bees4u

    Are there any queen rearers on Orkney?

    I would be interested in contacting anyone queen rearing in the Orkney Islands.
  15. bees4u

    queen substance

    I wasn't really sure where to put this question, I was ask the other day so I'll try here. I gave a talk to a group and one person asked me, if queen substance helps stop the worker's ovaries developing could it be used in birth control in humans and has anyone thought of this. I said I didn't...
  16. bees4u

    Queen cell raiser box for sale

    This is a german cell raiser box I've used for years, if you are interested in this have a look on ebay item number 330623751169 You can use national frames in it if you trim them slightly or smith frames.
  17. bees4u

    Become a bee farmer

    A full afternoons tuition on how to become a commercial bee keeper. Learn how to make a living from your bees. By a bee farmer of 32yrs experience, 2 BBKA certs & the NDB teachers cert. I've made my living from bees since 1992 and so can you. This course will be held in Rhodes Minnis near...
  18. bees4u

    carniolan queen

    Removed by Admin Please read forum rules. Admin.
  19. bees4u

    For Sale, Smith crown board & Quilt

    New not used, make me an offer. Folkestone Kent
  20. bees4u

    Cell raiser box For Sale

    I have a german cell raise box, it's wooden & holds cells in board over the top of the frames, it will take a national frame if you shorten the lugs to smith size. I've used this a few times but have since made another one for myself. I haven't got a picture and the buyer will have to collect...