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    To wee or not to wee

    A bit bored I picked up a couple of old books and found the following: Huish; 1819. In his “Instructions for using the Huish hive, from which the combs are extracted without killing the bees”. It may appear visionary to the incredulous Apiarian, but I can mention a liquid which will induce...
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    Honey in the news again.

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    How is the Rape looking

    Just seen a farmer and rape is a total washout for him. One small patch for me apparently. Quite a few stocks just sitting there and not doing much at all. Fields still waterlogged, flooding at the drop of a hat. Could be an interesting season.
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    BIVO hives...

    Hi, Has anyone out there got any of the new BIVO mating hives?
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    A quick question to one and all... Has anyone tried monostraining their bees by having a large numbers of hives dotted round their mating apiary?
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    Any legal people out there?

    I've got a query about a companies and limited liability. Can anyone on the forum help...? Please send me a pm if you can. It's only a quick question for the benefit of others...
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    It's been a funny year this...

    So how's your honey crop looking? I gather there are are quite a few locations where stocks are being fed to keep them going. Where I am it's looking like an average year so far....
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    Omlet at the Spring Convention?

    Does anyone know if Omlet are intending to attend the BBKA Spring Convention this year?
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    Land Rovers...

    I'm thinking of getting a Land Rover to help me get across fields. I'm thinking of a Defender 110 pickup. Does any one out there have any opinon about these vehicles..!
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    Oilseed Rape

    When was Oilseed Rape first used in the UK?
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    Ron Brown: Beekeeping a Seasonal Guide

    Has anyone else got a copy of this book? It seems to be on the market second hand for about £90 and it was ony printed in 1985!
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    Old beekeeping books

    Beekeeping is one of those enterprises where old ideas get re-discovered all the time ... So .. just for fun.. What's the oldest beekeeping book you've got and can you see anything in it that that relates to modern beekeeping in any way?
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    Omlet at the National Honey show...

    Saw my first Beehaus at the National Honey Show. Omlet had entered it in the A practial invention related to bees or beekeeping class. The results of the class are below. There were 6 entries in the class and but the resuts are colour coded stars. I remember that red and blue are first and...
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    Looks Familiar...?

    Does this look like something familiar?
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    National Honey Show...

    Anyone going on Friday??
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    Honey Pumps ...

    Does anyone out there use a honey pump ... if you do what sort do you use? I gather that nassenheider jar fillers can be used as honey pumps. Does anyone use one of these for pumping honey?
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    Omlet Marketing...

    Does anyone know if Omlet are intending to attend the National Honey Show or the BBKA Spring Convention next year to promote their product?
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    Beehaus -- Designed specifically for hobby beekeepers

    This was on the Omlet forum so I thought I'd provide a link... http://www.blagger.co.uk/general/keeping-bees-in-the-garden/ I liked this bit.. Now where am I going wrong?
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    Yellow Beehaus Supers are free!!

    Or will be untill Omlet spot the mistake...! http://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/shop.php?cat=Beekeeping&sub=Beehaus+Spares&sort=latest
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    Thomas Frame Steamer

    Hi, I've got a Thomas Electric (230v 3kw) frame steamer for sale. It takes National/Commercial frames (not Langstroth or dadant). I'm after £400, PM me if intereted and we can go from there...