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    Post your 2013 swarm photos

    Hi, I collected my first swarm yesterday.... All went textbook. Wedged box in tree below swarm, snipped of the smaller branches that they were clinging to, then brushed the rest gently in. A few stragglers fell on to the sheet below, so I left the box on the sheet. Watched for a few...
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    Nuc/Colony wanted Bristol/Bath Area

    Thanks Davnig! Is the price not 'tempered' in any way by the fact that Mr 'Easy bee products' is just down the road and we could go and buy one from him after the auction for a set price?
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    Nuc/Colony wanted Bristol/Bath Area

    Thanks for reminding me Beanwood! A bit off topic but having never been to a bee auction before, what is people's opinion; is it a good place to buy bees in terms of a)knowing what you are getting and b)price (do prices get inflated due to 'auction fever')? Thanks.
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    Nuc/Colony wanted Bristol/Bath Area

    Hi All, I am after a Nuc. or an established colony. Happy to travel to collect. Many thanks.
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    Buying western red cedar

    I Bought a load of cedar from Timbersource in Frome last year. Seemed reasonably priced. Was rough sawn, but planing/thicknessing wasn't expensive.