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    Nuc on 14x12. Cambridgeshire

    Hi all I am looking for one or two Nucs on 14x12 frames near Cambs. Many thanks Tim
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    First year objectives....

    Hi All, This is my first year where I am keeping bees myself (rather than helping a very good friend). I have a couple of hives (from Nucs) which are expanding slowly - my sole objective is to get my bees built up so they can survive the winter. I don't expect any honey this year. Do you...
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    Bees and Garlic...

    Hi, Hopefully not too much of a dumb question but... As of April / May this year, I will bee keeping bees in my cottage garden. I am siting them to one side of my cottage, very close to some beds of strong garlic. I assume bees don't mind Garlic (I have seen beehives sited amongst wild...
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    New to beekeeping - should I write a blog?

    Hi guys, I have a question and would value your input. Essentially, I am a new beekeeper and I am keen to share my my experiences in the first couple of years of beekeeping. I am thinking of creating a blog to honestly document my efforts at bee keeping - including failures, wins and...
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    Bees wanted - Cambs or Herts

    Hi I am a new beekeeper, looking for Nuc in Apr/May 2011. It would be great if someone in Cambs or Herts (or local to these counties) has a Nuc available for purchase this year. Please do get in touch if you do - ideally looking for placid bees! All the best Tim
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    Hello from a new forum member

    Hi all, I have just just joined and thought it would just be polite to say hello! I am a novice bee keeper based in Cambridgeshire, and am getting my first couple of hives going this year - 2011- (after getting hands on practice in 2010). Look forward to reading your posts! All the best Tim