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    and its goodnight from me

    After being a member on this site for a number of years we are off to sunnier climes moving to sw france in may so sold all my equipment hives and bees so will be starting all over again from May looking forward to it and being retired i should have more time when I get my new french bees (hope...
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    flavoured honey

    Just got back from a holiday in France and on one of the markets we went to there was a chap selling flavoured honey the lime was really tasty from what i could make out (not speaking much French) he adds lime juice and food colour before soft setting it Has any one else tried this ???
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    WARNING don't spin hot frames

    I had the day of work today as I am running out of supers so I thought I would take some capped ones of and spin them , What a mess the wax just disintegrated so a quick lesson learned = put them away until the weather is cooler
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    what honey

    I read on here about people taking 2/3 supers off for extraction, I have got six hives in my garden but no where near ready to take any honey So the question is what are your bees filling the supers with e,g rape seed
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    what is about now ??

    what flowers are available to the bees now apart from snowdrops and crocus :toetap05:
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    Showing honey

    I went to a honey show recently and entered some exhibits ,When I had a look after the judging I had not come any where in any of my classes but the chap who was on hand looking after the exhibits told me that I never stood a chance as the same person won the same classes every year The reason...
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    Hi I am in France at the moment and have found a shop selling hives all well made roof 2 supers 1 brood etc at a tempting price but which one should I go for ???
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    horizon special NOW

    BBC2 9pm whats killing our bees
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    Extracting uncapped honey

    I have a problem !! I have got 10 supers on 2 hives all nearly full BUT very little of it is capped and I am out of supers I might be able to put a brood box foll of frames on in an emergency Can I extract the uncapped supers and try to dry the honey out by using a dehumidifier or do I have no...
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    Langstroth jumbo brood box

    Can I put national supers and a national base with a jumbo langstroth jumbo brood box I.e will they fit together ok :-D
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    Showing bees wax

    Their is a local honey show and one of the entry's is bees wax could any one inform me of the procedure I.e size of wax blocks where I can get a mould from etc Thanks :thanks:
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    Bumble bees +or-

    Hi I have tried to hijack another thread with no response But we have got a bumble bee nest above our bay window no problem as they are not doing any harm BUT now they have started to enter my hives I am concerned about putting a reducer on the entrance as the temperature may reach 30 today so...
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    swarm swarming help

    Hi I caught a large swarm in my garden last night (not my bees) so i put them in a nuc box this morning they had gone to the same branch in the same tree so i caught them up again and put them into a national brood box with a little drawn out comb (about 3 frames) and some sugar syrup on Just...
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    MAQ strips ???

    I put maq strips on 3 of my hives yesterday when I got home at 6pm this evening I went to check on the bees only to find loads of dead bees on the landing boards and the floor in front of the hive,I dont want to panic and take the strips off but is this normal ? and has any one else experienced...
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    A swarm in may ?????

    A swarm in may is worth a load of hay A swarm in June is worth a silver spoon But a swarm in June is not worth a fly So does this mean a swarm in June is the best one to get as I assume a silver spoon is worth more than a load of hay :hairpull:
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    cold way to warm way

    I was a bit hasty putting a nuc into a hive and put them in the cold way BUT it is easier to maneuver the warm way for inspections so how do i move them back to the warm way :ohthedrama:
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    ive made a cock up and need some advice

    I have got a hive that is bursting at the seams with bees but no queen cells so i had a brainwave of taking 3 frames out with eggs and hatching brood and food and putting them in a poly nuc I also put a feeder on top the idea is they will make an emergency queen and live happily ever after...
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    brood or brood and 1/2 ???

    hi i have just inspected and have got a rather strong hive it is a one year old queen that i got last may (so she is now one year old) i am a little worried about her swarming although there is no sign but i was thinking of giving her more room would i be better of popping another brood box on...
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    Wasps and varroa

    Please don't shoot me but do wasps have a problem with varroa and if not do you know why but if they do why is there so many wasps about :hairpull: I am still in my first year so be gentle with me
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    How to close for winter

    Hi could someone please advise me Do I put fondant on top of the cluster in the brood box followed by a small 2" eke followed by a sheet of kingspan/polystyrene followed by the crown board and finally the roof (it's only easy if you know how lol) they are wooden national hives THANKS