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    Nuc on 14x12. Cambridgeshire

    Hi All Thanks for the responses - I am now sorted for Nucs. Many thanks Tim
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    Nuc on 14x12. Cambridgeshire

    Hi all I am looking for one or two Nucs on 14x12 frames near Cambs. Many thanks Tim
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    Smoker Fuel

    I have found hessian effective, easy to light and the bees seem to like it. If it hasn't rained too much, I add some of the dry rotten wood from the floor of the wood my hives are in. Seems to smoke for longer this way.
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    How low can they get

    This always makes me a little nervous about giving the exact location of my hives to anyone on the web!r
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    New suit recommendations

    Agree about the marigolds - one pair lasted me pretty much the whole of last season! You are able to feel lots more than with Marigolds. If you have a friend with a Costco or Booker account, they are cheaper than in big supermarkets.
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    Yum Yum

    If you have a little mint in your garden, I think this goes very well with all of the above combinations, although only one or two leaves. Enjoy. Tim
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    New suit recommendations

    The bee suit I bought fell apart within a year. Serves me right for buying an economy one! Bought a Sherriff Apiarist suit and it is brilliant - would buy again.
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    Check your bee suit . . . . .

    I agree - I had a white suit that I bought about 18 months ago a couple of washes saw seams going. At the end of last summer the veil really started to go - just was not robust and seemed to be brittle. This year, I bought a beesuit from a well known manufacturer in Cornwall - hugely better...
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    Starving in Late May

    At inspection over the weekend, my two colonies were dramaticaly down on stores. Had a quick look this evening and they are down to almost none (as I suspected might be the case based on the weather and distinct lack of forage). So on with the rapid feeders.
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    Bees drinking water ( photos)

    Fantastic pictures - a real pleasure to see. Cheers Tim
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    First year objectives....

    I have had mine a couple of weeks - and I just want them to get through the winter. I have two hives and neither is expanding at a massive rate - but I have not fed yet. I plan to start feeding as of next week to help them along. Cak29 - are you feeding your bees? Cheers Tim
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    First year objectives....

    Hi All, This is my first year where I am keeping bees myself (rather than helping a very good friend). I have a couple of hives (from Nucs) which are expanding slowly - my sole objective is to get my bees built up so they can survive the winter. I don't expect any honey this year. Do you...
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    Keeping bees for profit...

    Keeping bees for profit I don't keep bees for profit, but would love to if it could provide the same sort of income as my day job. I have a friend in New Zealand who does - his big tip is "standardise everything" - hives, disease management & prevention, maintenance etc Tim
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    do bees attract bees?

    I also vote yes I have a bait hive at home, with no other colonies nearby - no swarms this last or this year. Despite dosing with Lemon Grass Oil, and having used frames in the hive. My friend a few villages away has three hives in his garden, and has had swarms in his garden for the last 3...
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    Out Apiary Rent

    I have my hives in a small wood about 800m away from my cottage. The farmer was more than happy to have my hives and told me I was a "silly sod" (in a nice way) when I gave him a bottle of wine as a thankyou. He didn't think farmers should charge when I asked him.... Cheers Tim
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    Looking for new bee-suit?

    beeproofsuits Has anyone got a 'beeproofsuit' - they look like an astronauts suit! Ventilated and look good, havent seen anyone comment on them yet...
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    Bees and Garlic...

    Hi, Hopefully not too much of a dumb question but... As of April / May this year, I will bee keeping bees in my cottage garden. I am siting them to one side of my cottage, very close to some beds of strong garlic. I assume bees don't mind Garlic (I have seen beehives sited amongst wild...
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    article in The Independant

    Not to be paranoid, but I am sure that Pesticide companies will read these forums.
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    Have I chosen a good location?

    Sounds like a good location Sounds like a good location! I am siting my hives next to my cottage which is south facing and a good high fence to protect the neighbours :-) If you are worried about birds, you could perch a large plastic owl on top of your hive :-) Cheers
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    article in The Independant

    Private Eye Private Eye has also been banging on about links between the BBKA and the pesticide industry for ages (well in advance of the the Independent featuring it). In the latest Private Eye, there is an article that highlights Pesticide manufacturers efforts to make themselves appear "Bee...