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    Nuc for sale Norfolk/Suffolk border

    I have a 5 frame nuc for sale with a 2013 marked queen on National standard frames £100. Can be transferred to your own box or I can put them in a travel if you pay £30 deposit. Please pm me if interested.
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    Bees for sale Norfolk/Suffolk border

    Hi I have a couple of swarms for sale. They are from my own hives (unfortunately cold weather delayed inspections until it was too late). These bees are good natured and easy to handle and work well in cool weather. They are currently both in National hives and working well with 2012 queens...
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    OSR Honey stores

    Hi I picked up a 6 frame nuc about 3 weeks ago, they are in the hive and I have had to put a super on as they are expanding rapidly now. My query is regarding the honey stores. I would assume a large amount will be OSR at the moment as there are several fields within foraging distance...
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    First inspection of nuc

    Hi all, I picked up a six frame nuc on Friday evening (last week), due to strong cold winds I finally located them in the hive late Tuesday. As the temperature was starting to drop I didn't hang about and inspect the brood (also the girls were covering the brood, probably to keep it warm)...
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    QE on or off and feeding

    Sorry guys but these questions have been bugging me. Having just placed the Nuc in their hive I am assuming they should not need feeding as they were fighting to get in and out of the entrance of the Nuc box as they had obviously been very successful foraging. I have been advised that when the...
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    Cold winds and nuc

    Hi everyone, Picked up my 6 frame nucleus on Friday, but have delayed transferring into the hive because of cold winds. Although the temperature is around 16-18C. My question am I right to wait for the wind to die down and how long is it acceptable to leave them in the nuc box. regards Michael
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    Hives on allotments

    Hi everyone I am new to the forum and beekeeping but I thought I would pass on this piece of information. I did my course last year with the local bee group and I have got myself a mentor. I intend to site my hive/s on my allotment this year. I had already approached my fellow allotment...