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    Contaminating super with Oxalic?

    Last year I treated all my colonies with oxalic around Xmas time and it was really effective. Was going to do the same this year. However, as I had a really good harvest I decided to leave many of the colonies with 2 supers above the brood box. So my worry is when I go to treat what if the bees...
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    Is this swarm trying to swarm again?

    Collected a swarm on Saturday which was rehomed in a nuc box. As I was conscious about crushing bees I left two frames out. Sunday was a washout so never saw many bees and didn't want to mess with them. Yesterday more activity so decided to open them up and add the two remaining frames to make...
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    Preparing for supersedure or swarming

    Have a double brood which is brimming with bees. Last week noticed a couple of queen cells uncapped on the face of a single comb. I assumed they were signs of supersedure so left well alone. 5 days later (last night) decided to open up and bees still there and now there are approximately another...
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    Advice: when to swap fondant over!

    Hi All, After all the bad weather and posts I've read I thought I'd better start checking my colonies a little more frequently than once a week. All colonies have fondant in take away tub above CB. Noticed that a couple are runnign low on fondant and would like to change it over to a fresh tub...
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    Problem hiving a swarm

    Got called out to a swarm that was embedded in an old settee in the garden. Ripped open the settee to partially expose the bees but as they weren't clustered I tried to brush some into a nuc box and placed the box as close to the majority of the bees as possible. Went tonight and unfortunately...
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    How far would you travel for OSR

    Just out of curiosity how far would beekeepers be prepared to travel to put some colonies near to OSR? I'm assuming that under the current weather conditions not at all...or is that not the case...? Conversely if the weather was fine would a half hour drive be worthwhile...?
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    How close to a hedge can you go?

    Dear All, Currently have all my hives are facing a tall hedge (2.5m +tall) and they are situtaed about 2metres from it. My question is can I go closer to the hedge and if so how close. Reason for asking is the wife has taken on a puppy and don't wish for him to be running in front of the hives...
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    Thymolated supers & minimum no. of bees for winter survival

    Hi All, Made the terrible mistake of putting ApiLife Var on whilst there was a partially filled super on. Fortunately the bees have taken most of the honey down into their BB though will I ever be able to use the contaminated empty frames in supers ever again. Does the thymol smell dissipate...
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    Converted to brood and a half

    Hi All, On inspecting yesterday noticed that the BB of one of my hives was almost completely full so decided to convert the partially filled super above to give me a brood and half. However when changing the spacing of the super frames to brood spacing I noticed that in places adjacent combs are...