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    Fun guy

    Has anybody tried or seen use of this in the UK? http://nautil.us/issue/90/something-green/the-fungal-evangelist-who-would-save-the-bees?mc_cid=ca0b9928ed&mc_eid=66f7320d6f
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    How many QCs?

    Today carried out weekly inspection. Hive had brood and a half plus one super. Last Friday all looked good. Today there were charged queen cells everywhere. Several on many frames. Possibly as many as 30 in the hive. Why so many?
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    Dividing board with foil

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGg79MLKvR8&feature=em-subs_digest Anybody? Too late this year, but worth thinking about when building frames and boards?
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    Hi, Please excuse length of history. Two winters ago lost all colonies. Bought local colony - Amm - which was aggressive from the start. Overwintered fine. Split in March. Original in hive 1, new in hive 2 Hive 2 slow as fewer bees, but seemed OK Hive 1 aggressive to point of danger; attacking...
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    National with 2 supers.Today found all brood frames have plentiful stores - no eggs, no larvae. I need to requeen asap, but, with all drawn frames with stores, will she be able to lay? Any advice welcome. Thank you