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    Theory and Practical Bee Keeping Course for 2013

    For anyone seeking training courses for new bee keepers in the South West London and North Surrey area, please see the details on the Kingston Bee Keeping Association web site. Theory course on Mondays from 21st January to 11th March 2013 Practical course at the KBKA Apiary on Saturdays from...
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    New user profile - completing Weather Setup fields

    Dear Admin I would be grateful for your advice on the correct data required for the two fields in the user profile titled: Weather Setup 1 of 2 and 2 of 2. Not sure if this is particularly necessary - but I am happy to complete if I know what's required. BTW - a great forum experience so far...
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    BB size advice please...

    OK folks, hello, I am new here and this is my first thread. I would be grateful to receive some advice on the size of brood box I should get set up with as I am now beginning to collect equipment and hopefully buy my first National hive(s) within the next few months (pre the vat increase...