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    Unusual Swarm

    In the apiary on Saturday (4 days ago) one of my hives swarmed. It settled on a tree and I managed to re-house it with the queen definitely in the brood box (I had to catch her and put her in myself). On Sunday (1 day later) the swarm had left my lovely brood box and re-settled on the tree. I...
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    Angry bees

    Am in my first season as beekeeper and during an inspection yesterday the 'normally' placid bees seemed extremely angry. I hadn't done anything different but before half way through the single brood box I had bees pinging off my suit and two on my veil pushing their stings through. It took...
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    Urban Inspections

    I am now a 48 hour old beekeeper and have installed my new nuc in the garden. As this is a small garden and surrounded by neighbours I would love some advice on when / how to do inspections without sending angry bees all over the neighbourhood. Is anyone else an urban beekeeper with any tips...
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    Purpose of a nuc?

    Hi all, this is my first posting to the forum. Will be hoping to keep bees next year and want to find out as much as possible this year. My question is - I am not sure why people use nucs. I thought they were used to transport bees to new owners. I went to an out apiary and also read stuff...