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    Bees Absconding from mating nucs

    We normally do not have problems with bees swarming from kieler mating nucs, but this year it has been bad, we lost 10 back in May, and when SWMBO checked yesterday we had lost another 2. I should also add that we also lost 2 nucs set up for mating in paynes polynuc hives yesterday. We are...
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    Cornish/Devon honey wanted

    We are rapidly running out of honey and would be grateful to hear from anyone who might have some we could buy, so we can continue supplying our customers.
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    Question about thymol mixture

    If you add Hivemaker's recipe for thymol mixture into your winter syrup does it make your equipment smell of thymol for ages? We used thymol years ago and SWMBO reckons she can still smell the thymol on the feeders. If you leave supers on the hives and use the thymol mixture are those supers...
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    Member of Public stung by our bees.

    We went to one of our out-apiaries last Saturday, I removed some cleared supers and cut the grass while SWMBO checked the hives, the bees were in a foul temper and stingy with us but knowing the home owners were away we weren't that worried.The hives are situated next to some solar panels in a...
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    Has anyone used Amitraz for treating varroa?

    I am looking at different varroa treatments once I have removed my honey (I will hopefully get some this year). I read somewhere that Amitraz is now licensed for use in the UK and that previously it was available for use under the cascade system. I have no experience of using Amitraz, nor do I...
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    Will the clover flow be late this year?

    A lot of the plants used by bees have been late coming into flower this year, for example the hawthorn has only just started flowering in the last week and the bees are still avidly working the sycamore in this area. Does anyone have any idea how the timing of the clover flow will be affected by...