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    Is a small swarm worth the effort?

    Well sometimes not, but this one was... http://vimeo.com/101029841 <iframe src="//player.vimeo.com/video/101029841" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="http://vimeo.com/101029841">swarm after 6 weeks</a> from...
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    mated queens

    Hey Guys, I need a mated queen. Any recommendations on where to buy one from would be appreciated. Ta Tony
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    how much honey can a super hold?

    STD National. Anyone care to share their best yeilds?
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    Isolation starvation avoidance

    As I lost two colonies to this last year I am naturally keen to avoid a repetition. An idea I am considering is making the hive more vertical than horizontal, as the cluster can obviously move up and down a lot easier than sideways. Also less heat would be lost. So, I am considering putting...
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    Anti swarm procedure

    Gals and Guys.. (see, already breaking with protocol) Into my 4th season, so beginning to think I am beginning to feel a bit confident about bees, but much more to learn for sure. All the anti swarm procedures I have read about focus on separating the flying bees and Q from the rest of the...
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    white cells

    Guys, went to have a pre-first inspection inspection today. (i.e. quick look in the top) Colony is on satndard national, brood and 1/2. Bees look good, bringing in pollen and nectar. I stopped looking when I found brood at all stages on one of the top frames. I did remove one other of the top...
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    four frame extractor for sale

    Going electric so I am selling my one year old four frame tangential stainless steel extractor. Legs and tap included. Located in Wilts. £215. Tony
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    gone brood and half

    Why? Coz when I inspected today there were many more eggs/larvae in the lower super than in the BB. I've not seen HM this year in this colony, last year she was marked and easily spotted. I'm wondering if she got superseded last year with a small Q, or I was just plain clumsy at my last...
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    considering brood and half

    Entering 3rd year, I'm not at all driven to maximise honey yeild, more like to minimise workload. (I am LAZY) At present my 2 colonies seemed to have survived the winter, and today were flying well and bringing in pollen. They overwintered with a super on top of the brood box. (nationals). I...
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    OSR in October??!!!

    Drove into Salisbury this morning, 3 huge fields of osr in flower just to SW of the city. Am I going insane?
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    tree colony

    Hope the pictures come through.... This colony is 20' up the tree. They will clearly not survive the winter. Any ideas on how to remove them? Our plan is to frame the comb, and hope to get the Q in the procces, but I am minded to get a generator out there and use a bee vacuum first to collect...
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    Drone laying Queen replacement

    Just looked through one of my colonies to find a dlq. It was an emergency supercedure due to loss of Q. Is it too late in the season to replace the Q? any reccomendations on where to get one? Thanks Tony
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    purple pollen

    Any ideas? Linseed maybe?
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    warming cabinet

    Guys, I'm about to build a warming cabinet, thermostatically controlled with a digital readout. Heating element prob going to be light bulbs with a couple of axial fans to blow it around. Initially it was going to be dual purpose, i.e. honey buckets or jars, but now I'm thinking to size it such...
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    what to do with dead colony's brood and super

    I have 3 colonies, all on Nationals. One colony has had it, swarmed at beginning of April, never got going again even though it left a couple of QCs. Very few bees left. It still has a full super on it, the one it over-wintered with. I now am wondering what to do with the brood and super boxes...
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    The Pollinator I

    ok, how many differebt types of pollen....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBq3cSWO6Os
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    what do I do with my supers??

    Ok guys, it looks like I still have 2 active pollen foraging colonies, both with plenty of stores still and hardly any mite drop (2 or 3 a week). This is my first winter with the bees. I've (rightly or wrongly) overwintered with one super on each brood box, no excluder, and OMF. I'm making the...
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    newbie's wintering question

    (for not the first time) I think I may have made a mistake.... I started with one hive this spring, had to split in May because of swarm prevention and now have 2 hives, both in a similar state. There are a lot of bees with plenty of activity (It's still warm down south), I have fed them loads...