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    Queen excluders

    looking at buying queen excluders for next year, which will be my first. so the question is pros and cons of :- Plastic, other than being the cheapest do they have any downfalls? slotted steel, pressed steel and mid-range price, again any downfalls? wired frame, most expensive, but being wire...
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    BS national sizes

    OK Beeks, I have made my first BS National (just to see how doable they are) primarily out of scrap. however on reviewing the the plans (scottish beeks) I have made the ends with the hand holds 425 mm realising now they should be 432 mm (my conversion of 17 inches). I know its only 7mm, but with...
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    cheap book

    just a heads up for the new beeks, having picked up "Keeping Bees- looking after an Apiary" by Vivian Head at my local Wyevale Garden centre. Hardback 160 pages, copyright 2010, reprinted 2011 being as this is the only book I own at present and have nothing to reference it against but I found...
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    New to beekeeping

    Hello, my name is Neil and am new to beekeeping ( havent any as yet, more homework to do). I have been bee curious for a long time, actually since childhood when we were lucky enough to have a swarm take residence in an old packing crate in the garden, I can still remember the taste of my first...