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  1. earthsoul

    mentor needed Llandysul

    I need help! second year bee keeper, having a bad year!
  2. earthsoul

    2x queens wanted - Newcastle Emlyn

    I have two queenless hives, is anyone selling queens in my location please?
  3. earthsoul

    10 sealed queen cells in new hive!

    I have done regular hive inspections, I inspected last Saturday the weather stopped me from checking until yesterday, and I found 10 capped queen cells. I have searched the hive for the queen, as has my partner but we cannot locate her, there is a full brood of bees, I gave her a super to extend...
  4. earthsoul

    Which smoker do you use?

    I bought a cheap smoker off of eBay last year, it got me through the year but it is a nightmare to keep going, even after following all the correct advice. So I am looking at both the dadant and the ranchboy. There are loads of reviews but the Americans seem resistant to the ranchboy which is...
  5. earthsoul

    Thank you

    This weekend I faced a real challenge and was in a blind panic, I came on here for help. I got it. Kind people, who gave reasonable answers, all willing to help, non judgemental, and all had an understanding of my issue and dilemmas. I just wanted to post a thank you to everyone who responded...
  6. earthsoul

    Dos anyone in West Wales have a nucleus for sale

    If so please contact me via PM on here as I have a colony of bees that is not queen right, she has died, and I do not want to lose my bees altogether. Thank you
  7. earthsoul

    Finding dead bees with lots of drones around hive entrance

    I have kept bees for a year, I moved my hive from my home 8 miles (as the crow flies) to a new home about 2 weeks ago, just before the weather turned so cold. They are in quite an exposed position so I have put pallets up each side of them to protect them from the wind, they are facing south and...