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  1. earthsoul

    mentor needed Llandysul

    I need help! second year bee keeper, having a bad year!
  2. earthsoul

    2x queens wanted - Newcastle Emlyn

    I have two queenless hives, is anyone selling queens in my location please?
  3. earthsoul

    10 sealed queen cells in new hive!

    he checked over the hive, no larvae or eggs, so he removed the extra cells and is letting them requeen for themselves, they know what they are doing in all honesty!!!! My other hive still has the queen. The hive was very strong, so it looks like she managed to swarm but took very few bees with...
  4. earthsoul

    Labelling...spot the errors...

    think I have found another error so 2
  5. earthsoul

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    the lip on the front was flat, the hole is lower than the landing area, so water had full access in, even titled (as it was) it would have filled with water as it had an inch depth to fill that could not run out freely. With hindsight I will never buy a solid based nucleus again, but hindsight...
  6. earthsoul

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    rechecked the hives after yesterdays debacle, one hive is fine, the other is queenless, as I have capped queen cells, I have left alone as it looks like they are superseding as the queen appears to have gone, but so many bees on the frames it is difficult to scan the frames, no eggs, or larvae...
  7. earthsoul

    10 sealed queen cells in new hive!

    Yes that is what I did, I then phoned a more experienced beekeeper 'Taffy' who has been here this evening. He has confirmed the colony is queenless, we are taking actions to rectify this.
  8. earthsoul

    10 sealed queen cells in new hive!

    I thought you might say that, thing is there was one uncapped queen cell (which I removed) 0n Saturday 10/06/12, and I checked them on Monday 18/06/12, the weather has been so bad I was at a bit of a shocked state that they somehow got away! :(
  9. earthsoul

    10 sealed queen cells in new hive!

    I have done regular hive inspections, I inspected last Saturday the weather stopped me from checking until yesterday, and I found 10 capped queen cells. I have searched the hive for the queen, as has my partner but we cannot locate her, there is a full brood of bees, I gave her a super to extend...
  10. earthsoul

    list of first stings 2012

    mine was through my glove, my ring finger, strangely I was so full of adrenaline due to meeting my step daughter later in the day I had no reaction until Sunday morning!
  11. earthsoul

    list of first stings 2012

    Got my first sting this year on Friday!
  12. earthsoul

    Which smoker do you use?

    Thank you fantastic, seems like the Dadant is the better to go for!!!
  13. earthsoul

    Which smoker do you use?

    Thanks guys, I have done all the things you have advised already, including using different fuels, and reading around extensively! What I need to find out is just what brand most people use in smokers, just need to know if the ranchboy does stay alight? which they state needs one puff to keep it...
  14. earthsoul

    Which smoker do you use?

    I bought a cheap smoker off of eBay last year, it got me through the year but it is a nightmare to keep going, even after following all the correct advice. So I am looking at both the dadant and the ranchboy. There are loads of reviews but the Americans seem resistant to the ranchboy which is...
  15. earthsoul

    IDIOTS' CORNER - Newbee, out and proud!

    OK maybe I am one of the lucky ones, or maybe I have been on too many forums now to be bothered by any sarcastic or pointed comments! but I came to this forum earlier this year (joined last year but was just reading) in an abject panic over an issue with my bees. I got clear, sensible advice. I...
  16. earthsoul

    Newbie buying a suit-Which type?

    I have both styles, as a girly with long hair I have to say the fencing style suits me better! I use either a bandanna (or now) a baseball cap to secure my hair under the veil, because otherwise bits of my hair get loose and fall in front of my eyes just as I am trying to look at something...
  17. earthsoul

    Thank you

    This weekend I faced a real challenge and was in a blind panic, I came on here for help. I got it. Kind people, who gave reasonable answers, all willing to help, non judgemental, and all had an understanding of my issue and dilemmas. I just wanted to post a thank you to everyone who responded...
  18. earthsoul

    In the dog house

    Where did you get it, I like it? if she?? doesn't want it are you going to be selling it?
  19. earthsoul

    Epipens, their use and possible dangers

    Exactly, which is why I phrased it that way, you don't.
  20. earthsoul

    Dos anyone in West Wales have a nucleus for sale

    There was not a single egg, larve nothing, no capped cells except drone cells.