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  1. Aggravated

    Early Honey extraction

    My colonies are exploding with bee's, and I am having trouble keeping up with the equipment I need, more supers, more frames, more brood boxes, more stands, more more more of everything. I am thinking of taking some of the honey now, then putting back the empty frames for the bee's to clean...
  2. Aggravated

    Leather or plastic/silicon gloves

    I know that it depends on the colony, and that disposable plastic/silicon gloves are better for bee hygiene, so what do most people use. If you are a leather glove user, do you have a preference, and do you sanitize the gloves after use, and what with. I would like to use the plastic option, but...
  3. Aggravated

    Moving a colony

    I would like to move my colony about 1100 meters from my garden to my allotment. If I block them in for a couple of days would this be enough to disorient them enough to stop them returning to my garden Aggravated
  4. Aggravated

    Winter feeding

    My bees are all tucked up for the winter now, I have added some Kingspan insulation on top of the crown board with a 2" hole, I have filled this with fondant. Do you think I need to check them or leave them be. I have "hefted" the hives and think they are in reasonable shape. I am away at Xmas...
  5. Aggravated

    Rapid 4 pint feeder

    I have put on 3 of these feeders with sugar solution in, but the bees have ignored it completely. One of the colonies is a Nuc, and I would have thought they would be sucking it down, the other two colonies have a reasonable store of honey, I still need to move the supers down to below the brood...
  6. Aggravated

    Oxalic Acid vaporizer

    Has anybody used the Oxalic Acid vaporizer, and what were your conclusions and results
  7. Aggravated

    Brood & half

    I would like to know what the advantages/disadvantages of using a National brood box, and a brood box plus a super, i.e a Brood & a half With the brood & half I imagine it takes longer to check through when inspecting the bees, and there is a slight increase in risk of losing the Queen if she...
  8. Aggravated

    Open Mesh Floor

    I have OMF in both my colonies, I was wondering, do most people leave the varroa boards in or out to reduce drafts etc. The boards are 1/2" below the mesh floor
  9. Aggravated

    Varroa treatment

    I have done a treatment using Api-g*ard on my hives a few weeks ago, using 1 tray, then repeating again 2 weeks later with another. It has been about 4 weeks since the treatment was completed, but I noticed today there is still quite a lot of varroa under the OMF on the counting board, any ideas...
  10. Aggravated

    Bee fondant

    Hi Can anybody help me to find some reasonably priced fondant? Is the stuff on eb*y the best way to go Many thanks
  11. Aggravated

    Honey harvest

    Looked at my bees yesterday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to see nearly a full super of honey. The problem is do I remove all, some or none of the honey, I need to do it now as I want to do an Api-guard treatment. What do I need to consider
  12. Aggravated

    Mouse guards

    Is it time yet to start thinking of fitting the guards?
  13. Aggravated

    Bee feeding

    I am feeding one of my hives at the moment as it is small and struggling. I am doing a mixture of 1:1 sugar and water, with just hot water and sugar and stirring and letting it dissolve. The problem is the feeder is getting mould in it, is this bad for the bees, and is it because I am not...
  14. Aggravated

    Dead bees

    Did an inspection this morning and found 5 or 6 dead bees on the OMF in the hive. The Colony is a swarm from the beginning of June, and is on 4 or 5 frames in a National, and seems a bit weak( Full size hive with dummy board). I saw the queen today for the first time and managed to mark her...
  15. Aggravated

    Castellated frame spacers

    What are the advantages/ differences between castellated frame spacers and other types of spacers thanks
  16. Aggravated

    Brood boxes and bases

    Does anyone know why brood boxes and hive bases are made and sold separately. Would there be any advantage to combining the two, especially when moving the hive. Agg
  17. Aggravated

    Hive entrance size

    I have two colonies at present, one a nuc that was overwintered, and the other a swarm. Both of them are doing OK, and are on 6 or 7 frames, can I enlarge the entrance yet, the opening is about 50mm by 8mm, if so what does everybody recommend, the whole block out, or open in stages, maybe 25mm...
  18. Aggravated

    Hive Ventilation

    I have heard of two different practices of ventilation to the hive space above the crown board. I am currently using a varroa mesh floor, so most of the air movement comes from there, but some people are saying to block the holes in the crown board and some are saying leave them open to allow...
  19. Aggravated

    Dummy boards

    I am going to make up a couple of dummy boards ready for transfering a nuc to a full size brood box. Do I make it with bee space all around (6mm) of to make it a tight fit, which the bees may seal with proplise. Thanks
  20. Aggravated


    Hi I am I right to assume that when a hive swarms, the old existing queen leaves the hive and the new virgin queen is left behind. After a swarm is collected, I understand that it is fed with syrup for a couple of days, when should the next inspections take place, and should any treatment be...