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  1. Monbees

    Test for adulterated honey?

    From another site: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/honey-fraud-detection?fbclid=IwAR0f7geaAj0Oq-jZBLifBKT0XzfLRNRkUGf-dZRdj9w8Re8BvsD7T3X0eLY
  2. Monbees

    Comparison of thymol treatments for varroa

    As I only use thymol as my late summer/autumn varroa treatment, I found this article on the efficacy of the three main types of thymol treatment an interesting read. https://www.beeculture.com/thymol-varroa-control
  3. Monbees

    So true!

  4. Monbees

    Different cappings

    I have been inspecting varroa board(s) which l inserted to see where the clusters are. Both boards are showing wax cappings beneath the front two frames (warm way) How can l tell the difference between brood uncappings and stores uncapping? The colour of the wax for both is medium/dark orange...
  5. Monbees

    Gift Supporting

    Can you explain Gift Supporting please? I used to support the beekeeping forum under the old system, but am unsure how this new system works. It looks as though you can support yearly, or lifetime, but there also seem the possibility of 'supporting' an individual beekeeper, or am I missing...
  6. Monbees

    Identification please

    Can anyone identify this chrysalis/pupa or whatever? I disturbed it, I assume hibernating on the underside of a tarpaulin. Sorry the photo is not good. The pupa (still alive I'm pleased to say) is about ½" - ¾" long, has brown and yellow/orange striped markings - looks to me like the shape of a...
  7. Monbees

    Cutting PIR

    What is the best tool for cutting PIR? I know to be careful not to inhale the dust, but l can't seem to cut the stuff without making a lot of mess which is then difficult to clear up. I thought there was some advice on a previous thread but a search didn't find anything relevant - l probably...
  8. Monbees

    Leaf mould

    I asked this question on a gardening forum to which l belong and didn't receive a very satisfactory answer so thought l would try this section of beekeeping forum, knowing a lot of members have gardening/land interest too. I collect and shred a lot of leaves from a variety of trees on my land...
  9. Monbees

    Thymol based treatments

    I can't find the interesting post from a few days ago, when Mr Jenkins said that mites do not develop resistance to thymol based products such as Apiguard/Apilife Var. This being the case, why do beekeepers not stick with thymol, (then oxalic acid when necessary), rather than using the nastier...
  10. Monbees

    Banned members

    Is there a 'naughty step' for banned members? ie can they return to the forum after a certain time, or is it a life sentence?
  11. Monbees

    Disabling preferences

    I have disabled all email preferences as my inbox was getting cluttered up with replies to threads l was watching etc. This was two weeks ago, however, l still get these updates daily. I don't want them. I have disabled everything l can, what else can l do?
  12. Monbees

    Closing hive due to robbing

    After all was quiet last night l closed up one hive which was being quite badly robbed. How long can l leave it closed? The weather is appalling for the next few days so l doubt any bees would be venturing out anyway. I think l spilt syrup when changing the feeder, but all cleared up now. Hive...
  13. Monbees

    Mite drop in parent and daughter colonies

    I have just finished Apilife Var treatment on my four hives. Two of the hives are related as one was a swarm from the other, in June. I did not treat the swarm for varroa as it was from my own hive. The old queen started laying almost immediately. I shall be trickling OA in all four in December...
  14. Monbees

    Rolling fondant

    A bit of advance advice for winter fondant feeding please. Does anyone have any tips for rolling out fondant thinly so it covers all the top bars with a regular crown board on top, not an eke? I get into an awful sticky mess alternately kneading and using a rolling pin! I only have three...
  15. Monbees

    Musings on WBC

    I thought I’d just pass on a few thoughts on my experience with WBC hives, not offering advice, just how I have found them. To cut to the chase, I inherited my bees from my son when he left home, so still a novice, part taught by my son but largely taught by this forum – so thank you...
  16. Monbees

    Hefting WBC

    Does anyone have advice on how to heft a WBC hive please?
  17. Monbees

    Give bees more room

    I have one hive which is still very active with a lot of bees. Although there were a lot of bees in the super I removed, there were no stores. I intend putting this super back on just to give them room; do I need to fill it with comb or foundation as I have taken away the original frames for...
  18. Monbees

    Lecithin again

    Adding to the discussion on lecithin as an emulsifier for thymol syrup. As previously noted, lecithin is sold in larger amounts than most beekeepers would use in a number of years. Quite by accident, leaving the packet a bit open to the air, despite keeping the silica gel dessicant in the...
  19. Monbees

    Bees kill wasps

    I have noticed my bees doing quite a good job of removing wasps which manage to get into the hive (fortunately, unlike Poot, wasps not a big problem here ... yet). I am wondering how the bees do it. Do they gang up on a wasp and just worry it to death before bundling it out of the hive? Or...
  20. Monbees

    Adding reply to threads

    Why are some fairly recent threads not open for further replies? I wanted to add a comment on lecithin, quite current l would have thought this time of year, but could not find a 'live' thread, and did not think it worth starting a new one. What determines when a thread is closed?